to hire; to rent; to charter; to rent out; to lease out; rent; land tax

strokes 10
strokes after radical 5
包租 包租 bao1 zu1
to rent; to charter; to rent land or a house for subletting; fixed rent for farmland

承租 承租 cheng2 zu1
to rent; to lease

承租方 承租方 cheng2 zu1 fang1
borrower; leaser; the hiring side of a contract

承租人 承租人 cheng2 zu1 ren2
leaser; tenant

出租 出租 chu1 zu1
to rent

出租车 出租車 chu1 zu1 che1
taxi; (Taiwan) rental car

出租汽车 出租汽車 chu1 zu1 qi4 che1
taxi; cab (PRC); hire car (Tw)

出租司机 出租司機 chu1 zu1 si1 ji1
taxi driver

地租 地租 di4 zu1
land rent; land tax

地租收入 地租收入 di4 zu1 shou1 ru4
rent income (esp. from arable land)

房子租 房子租 fang2 zi5 zu1
house rent

房租 房租 fang2 zu1
rent for a room or house

公租房 公租房 gong1 zu1 fang2
public housing

合租 合租 he2 zu1

竞租 競租 jing4 zu1
rent-seeking (economics)

蠲租 蠲租 juan1 zu1
to remit rentals or taxes

旅大租地条约 旅大租地條約 lv3 da4 zu1 di4 tiao2 yue1
unequal treaty of 1898 whereby the Qing dynasty ceded the lease of Lüshun (Port Arthur) to Russia

寻租 尋租 xun2 zu1
rent seeking (economics)

押租 押租 ya1 zu1
rent deposit

栈租 棧租 zhan4 zu1
warehouse rent; cost of storage

招租 招租 zhao1 zu1
(of a house or room) to be for rent

转租 轉租 zhuan3 zu1
to sublet; to sublease

自驾汽车出租 自駕汽車出租 zi4 jia4 qi4 che1 chu1 zu1
self-drive car rental

自驾租赁 自駕租賃 zi4 jia4 zu1 lin4
self-drive hire (of a car etc)

租船 租船 zu1 chuan2
to charter a ship; to take a vessel on rent

租地 租地 zu1 di4
to rent land; to lease farmland

租地人投标票权 租地人投標票權 zu1 di4 ren2 tou2 biao1 piao4 quan2
occupation franchise

租佃 租佃 zu1 dian4
to rent out one's land (to tenant farmers)

租房 租房 zu1 fang2
to rent an apartment

租户 租戶 zu1 hu4
tenant; person who leases

租价 租價 zu1 jia4
rent price

租界 租界 zu1 jie4
settlement; international settlement in many Chinese cities established under unequal treaties from 1860

租借 租借 zu1 jie4
to rent; to lease

租借地 租借地 zu1 jie4 di4
concession (territory)

租金 租金 zu1 jin1

租赁 租賃 zu1 lin4
to rent; to lease; to hire

租钱 租錢 zu1 qian5
rent; same as 租金

租让 租讓 zu1 rang4
to lease out; to rent (one's property out to sb else)

租税 租稅 zu1 shui4
taxation; in former times, esp. land tax

租用 租用 zu1 yong4
to rent and use; lend-lease (US device to provide war materiel to its allies during WW2)

租约 租約 zu1 yue1

租债 租債 zu1 zhai4
rent and debt

租子 租子 zu1 zi5
rent (payment)