somewhat; a little

see 稍息

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
稍安毋躁 稍安毋躁 shao1 an1 wu2 zao4
variant of 少安毋躁

稍安勿躁 稍安勿躁 shao1 an1 wu4 zao4
variant of 少安毋躁

稍等 稍等 shao1 deng3
to wait a moment

稍后 稍後 shao1 hou4
in a little while; in a moment; later on

稍快板 稍快板 shao1 kuai4 ban3

稍稍 稍稍 shao1 shao1
somewhat; a little; slightly

稍食 稍食 shao1 shi2
(old) monthly salary of an official

稍微 稍微 shao1 wei1
a little bit

稍嫌 稍嫌 shao1 xian2
more than one would wish; somewhat; a bit too (old, contrived, distracting etc)

稍许 稍許 shao1 xu3
a little; a bit

稍异 稍異 shao1 yi4
differing slightly

稍早 稍早 shao1 zao3
a little early

稍早时 稍早時 shao1 zao3 shi2
a little earlier

稍纵即逝 稍縱即逝 shao1 zong4 ji2 shi4
transient; fleeting

稍息 稍息 shao4 xi1
Stand at ease! (military); Taiwan pr.