infantile; young

old variant of 稚

variant of 稚

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
甜稚 甜稚 tian2 zhi4
sweet and innocent

童稚 童稚 tong2 zhi4
child; childish

幼稚 幼稚 you4 zhi4
young; childish; puerile

幼稚园 幼稚園 you4 zhi4 yuan2
kindergarten (Tw)

稚虫 稚蟲 zhi4 chong2
naiad; larva; developmental stage of insect

稚嫩 稚嫩 zhi4 nen4
young and tender; puerile; soft and immature

稚女 稚女 zhi4 nv3
little girl (of toddler age)

稚气 稚氣 zhi4 qi4
childish nature; infantile; juvenile; puerile

稚气未脱 稚氣未脫 zhi4 qi4 wei4 tuo1
still possessing the innocence of childhood (idiom)

稚弱 稚弱 zhi4 ruo4
immature and feeble

稚拙 稚拙 zhi4 zhuo1
young and clumsy; childish and awkward

稚子 稚子 zhi4 zi3
young child