to make a report (to a superior); to give; to endow; to receive; petition

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
禀报 稟報 bing3 bao4
to report (to one's superior)

禀承 稟承 bing3 cheng2
variant of 秉承

禀复 稟復 bing3 fu4
to report back (to a superior)

禀赋 稟賦 bing3 fu4
natural endowment; gift

禀告 稟告 bing3 gao4
to report (to one's superior)

禀性 稟性 bing3 xing4
natural disposition

回禀 回稟 hui2 bing3
to report back to one's superior

江山易改禀性难移 江山易改稟性難移 jiang1 shan1 yi4 gai3 bing3 xing4 nan2 yi2
rivers and mountains are easy to change, man's character much harder

入禀 入稟 ru4 bing3
to file (law)