to fit; balanced; suitable

to weigh; to state; to name; name; appellation; to praise

variant of 秤; steelyard

strokes 14
strokes after radical 9
爱称 愛稱 ai4 cheng1
term of endearment; pet name; diminutive

案称 案稱 an4 cheng4
counter scale

鄙称 鄙稱 bi3 cheng1
derogatory term

贬称 貶稱 bian3 cheng1
derogatory term; to refer to disparagingly (as)

辩称 辯稱 bian4 cheng1
to argue (that); to allege; to dispute; to plead (e.g. not guilty)

标称 標稱 biao1 cheng1
nominal (e.g. nominal value in specification)

标称核武器 標稱核武器 biao1 cheng1 he2 wu3 qi4
nominal weapon

别称 別稱 bie2 cheng1
another name; alternative name

并称 並稱 bing4 cheng1
joint name; combined name

不对称 不對稱 bu4 dui4 chen4
unsymmetrical; asymmetric

超对称 超對稱 chao1 dui4 chen4

称多 稱多 chen4 duo1
Chindu county (Tibetan: khri 'du rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture 玉樹藏族自治州|玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai

称多县 稱多縣 chen4 duo1 xian4
Chindu county (Tibetan: khri 'du rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture 玉樹藏族自治州|玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai

称钱 稱錢 chen4 qian2
(coll.) rich; well-heeled

称心 稱心 chen4 xin1
satisfactory; agreeable

称心如意 稱心如意 chen4 xin1 ru2 yi4
after one's heart (idiom); gratifying and satisfactory; everything one could wish

称意 稱意 chen4 yi4
to be satisfactory

称职 稱職 chen4 zhi2
well qualified; competent; to be equal to the task; able to do sth very well

称霸 稱霸 cheng1 ba4
lit. to proclaim oneself hegemon; to take a leading role; to build a personal fiefdom

称道 稱道 cheng1 dao4
to commend; to praise

称得上 稱得上 cheng1 de5 shang4
can be counted as

称号 稱號 cheng1 hao4
name; term of address; title

称呼 稱呼 cheng1 hu5
to call; to address as; appellation

称量 稱量 cheng1 liang2
to weigh

称说 稱說 cheng1 shuo1
to declare; to state; to call; to name

称颂 稱頌 cheng1 song4
to praise

称为 稱為 cheng1 wei2
called; to call sth (by a name); to name

称谓 稱謂 cheng1 wei4
title; appellation; form of address

称谢 稱謝 cheng1 xie4
to express thanks

称许 稱許 cheng1 xu3
to praise; to commend

称扬 稱揚 cheng1 yang2
to praise; to compliment

称誉 稱譽 cheng1 yu4
to acclaim; to sing the praises of

称赞 稱讚 cheng1 zan4
to praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment

称之为 稱之為 cheng1 zhi1 wei2
to call it...; known as...

称重 稱重 cheng1 zhong4
to weigh

称作 稱作 cheng1 zuo4
to be called; to be known as

称做 稱做 cheng1 zuo4
to be called; to be known as

代称 代稱 dai4 cheng1
alternative name; antonomasia

对称 對稱 dui4 chen4
symmetry; symmetrical

对称空间 對稱空間 dui4 chen4 kong1 jian1
symmetric space (math.)

对称美 對稱美 dui4 chen4 mei3
symmetry (as an aesthetic quality)

对称破缺 對稱破缺 dui4 chen4 po4 que1
symmetry breaking (physics)

对称性 對稱性 dui4 chen4 xing4

对称轴 對稱軸 dui4 chen4 zhou2
axis of symmetry; central axis (in Chinese architecture)

咄咄称奇 咄咄稱奇 duo1 duo1 cheng1 qi2
to cluck one's tongue in wonder

泛称 泛稱 fan4 cheng1
general term

非对称 非對稱 fei1 dui4 chen4

非对称式数据用户线 非對稱式數據用戶線 fei1 dui4 chen4 shi4 shu4 ju4 yong4 hu4 xian4
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line; ADSL

辐射对称 輻射對稱 fu2 she4 dui4 chen4
radial symmetry

俯首称臣 俯首稱臣 fu3 shou3 cheng1 chen2
to bow before (idiom); to capitulate

改称 改稱 gai3 cheng1
to change a name; to rename

公称 公稱 gong1 cheng1

供称 供稱 gong4 cheng1
to make a confession (law)

官称 官稱 guan1 cheng1
title; official appellation

号称 號稱 hao4 cheng1
to be known as; to be nicknamed; to be purportedly; to claim (often exaggeratedly or falsely)

合称 合稱 he2 cheng1
common term; general term

谎称 謊稱 huang3 cheng1
to claim; to pretend

讳称 諱稱 hui4 cheng1
euphemism; word used to avoid a taboo reference

或称 或稱 huo4 cheng1
also called; also known as; a.k.a.

坚称 堅稱 jian1 cheng1
to claim; to insist

简称 簡稱 jian3 cheng1
to be abbreviated to; abbreviation; short form

贱称 賤稱 jian4 cheng1
contemptuous term

交口称誉 交口稱譽 jiao1 kou3 cheng1 yu4
voices unanimous in praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation

敬称 敬稱 jing4 cheng1
term of respect; honorific

旧称 舊稱 jiu4 cheng1
old term; old way of referring to sth

据称 據稱 ju4 cheng1
it is said; allegedly; according to reports; or so they say

堪称 堪稱 kan1 cheng1
can be rated as; can be said to be

口称 口稱 kou3 cheng1
to speak; to say

夸称 誇稱 kua1 cheng1
to praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment

两侧对称 兩側對稱 liang3 ce4 dui4 chen4
bilateral symmetry

略称 略稱 lve4 cheng1

满口称赞 滿口稱讚 man3 kou3 cheng1 zan4
to praise profusely

美称 美稱 mei3 cheng1
to dub with a nice-sounding appellation; fanciful moniker

蔑称 蔑稱 mie4 cheng1
contemptuous term

名称 名稱 ming2 cheng1
name (of a thing); name (of an organization)

名称标签 名稱標籤 ming2 cheng1 biao1 qian1
name tag

名称权 名稱權 ming2 cheng1 quan2
copyright; rights to a trademark

昵称 暱稱 ni4 cheng1
nickname; diminutive; term of endearment; to nickname

配称 配稱 pei4 chen4

谦称 謙稱 qian1 cheng1
modest appellation

全称 全稱 quan2 cheng1
full name

人称 人稱 ren2 cheng1
person (first person, second person etc in grammar); called; known as

人称代词 人稱代詞 ren2 cheng1 dai4 ci2
personal pronoun

山中无老虎,猴子称大王 山中無老虎,猴子稱大王 shan1 zhong1 wu2 lao3 hu3 - hou2 zi5 cheng1 dai4 wang5
in the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king

声称 聲稱 sheng1 cheng1
to claim; to state; to proclaim; to assert

省称 省稱 sheng3 cheng1

盛称 盛稱 sheng4 cheng1
enthusiastic praise; to praise highly

俗称 俗稱 su2 cheng1
commonly referred to as; common term

提称语 提稱語 ti2 cheng1 yu3
epistolary formula used at the head of a letter

通称 通稱 tong1 cheng1
generic term; general name for sth

统称 統稱 tong3 cheng1
to be collectively called; collective term; general designation

统称为 統稱為 tong3 cheng1 wei2
collectively known as; to call sth as a group

婉称 婉稱 wan3 cheng1
euphemism (tactful expression for sth unpleasant such as death)

妄称 妄稱 wang4 cheng1
to make a false and unwarranted declaration

戏称 戲稱 xi4 cheng1
to jokingly call; jocular appellation

相称 相稱 xiang1 chen4
to match; to suit; mutually compatible

谐称 諧稱 xie2 cheng1
humorous nickname

宣称 宣稱 xuan1 cheng1
to assert; to claim

谑称 謔稱 xue4 cheng1
playful appellation

雅称 雅稱 ya3 cheng1
elegant name; honorific

亦称 亦稱 yi4 cheng1
also known as; alternative name; to also be called

又称 又稱 you4 cheng1
also known as

匀称 勻稱 yun2 chen4
well proportioned; well shaped

啧啧称奇 嘖嘖稱奇 ze2 ze2 cheng1 qi2
to click one's tongue in wonder (idiom); to be astonished

职称 職稱 zhi2 cheng1
one's professional position; title; job title

值得称赞 值得稱讚 zhi2 de5 cheng1 zan4

指称 指稱 zhi3 cheng1
designation; reference; to refer to

著称 著稱 zhu4 cheng1
to be widely known as

著称于世 著稱於世 zhu4 cheng1 yu2 shi4

自称 自稱 zi4 cheng1
to call oneself; to claim to be; to profess; to claim a title

自发对称破缺 自發對稱破缺 zi4 fa1 dui4 chen4 po4 que1
spontaneous symmetry breaking (physics)

总称 總稱 zong3 cheng1
generic term

尊称 尊稱 zun1 cheng1
to address sb deferentially; title; honorific