settled; steady; stable

strokes 14
strokes after radical 9
安稳 安穩 an1 wen3
smooth and steady

把稳 把穩 ba3 wen3
trustworthy; dependable

不稳 不穩 bu4 wen3
unstable; unsteady

不稳定 不穩定 bu4 wen3 ding4

不稳定气流 不穩定氣流 bu4 wen3 ding4 qi4 liu2

不稳平衡 不穩平衡 bu4 wen3 ping2 heng2
unstable equilibrium

不稳性 不穩性 bu4 wen3 xing4

长期稳定性 長期穩定性 chang2 qi1 wen3 ding4 xing4
long-term stability

沉稳 沉穩 chen2 wen3
steady; calm; unflustered

单稳 單穩 dan1 wen3
monostable; single-side stable (relays)

电子稳定程序 電子穩定程序 dian4 zi3 wen3 ding4 cheng2 xu4
(automotive) electronic stability program (ESP)

平稳 平穩 ping2 wen3
smooth; steady

任凭风浪起,稳坐钓鱼台 任憑風浪起,穩坐釣魚臺 ren4 ping2 feng1 lang4 qi3 - wen3 zuo4 diao4 yu2 tai2
lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite wind and storm (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation; a cool head in a crisis

十成九稳 十成九穩 shi2 cheng2 jiu3 wen3
see 十拿九穩|十拿九稳

十拿九稳 十拿九穩 shi2 na2 jiu3 wen3
to be a cinch; in the bag; (of a person) confident of success

双稳 雙穩 shuang1 wen3

四平八稳 四平八穩 si4 ping2 ba1 wen3
everything steady and stable (idiom); overcautious and unimaginary

维稳 維穩 wei2 wen3
to maintain social stability

稳便 穩便 wen3 bian4
reliable; at one's convenience; as you wish

稳步 穩步 wen3 bu4
steadily; a steady pace

稳步不前 穩步不前 wen3 bu4 bu4 qian2
to mark time and make no advances (idiom)

稳操胜券 穩操勝券 wen3 cao1 sheng4 quan4
grasp it and victory is assured; to have success within one's grasp (idiom)

稳操胜算 穩操勝算 wen3 cao1 sheng4 suan4
to be assured of success

稳当 穩當 wen3 dang5
reliable; secure; stable; firm

稳定 穩定 wen3 ding4
steady; stable; stability; to stabilize; to pacify

稳定度 穩定度 wen3 ding4 du4
degree of stability

稳定塘 穩定塘 wen3 ding4 tang2
stabilization tank (for sewage processing)

稳定物价 穩定物價 wen3 ding4 wu4 jia4
stable prices; commodity prices fixed by government (in a command economy); to valorize (a commodity)

稳定性 穩定性 wen3 ding4 xing4

稳固 穩固 wen3 gu4
stable; steady; firm; to stabilize

稳恒 穩恆 wen3 heng2
steady; stable and permanent; constant; steady-state

稳恒态 穩恆態 wen3 heng2 tai4
steady state; stable and permanent attitude

稳厚 穩厚 wen3 hou4
steady and honest

稳获 穩獲 wen3 huo4
a sure catch; sth one is sure to obtain

稳健 穩健 wen3 jian4
firm; stable and steady

稳静 穩靜 wen3 jing4
steady; calm

稳练 穩練 wen3 lian4
steady and proficient; skilled and reliable

稳拿 穩拿 wen3 na2
a sure gain; sth one is sure to obtain

稳婆 穩婆 wen3 po2
midwife (old term)

稳如泰山 穩如泰山 wen3 ru2 tai4 shan1
steady as Mt Tai; as safe as houses

稳胜 穩勝 wen3 sheng4
to beat comfortably; to win easily; abbr. for 穩操勝券|稳操胜券, to have victory within one's grasp

稳实 穩實 wen3 shi2
steady; calm and practical

稳态 穩態 wen3 tai4
steady state; homeostasis

稳态理论 穩態理論 wen3 tai4 li3 lun4
the steady-state theory (cosmology)

稳贴 穩貼 wen3 tie1
safe; to appease; to reassure

稳妥 穩妥 wen3 tuo3

稳压 穩壓 wen3 ya1
stable voltage

稳扎稳打 穩扎穩打 wen3 zha1 wen3 da3
to go steady and strike hard (in fighting); fig. steadily and surely

稳中求进 穩中求進 wen3 zhong1 qiu2 jin4
to make progress while ensuring stability

稳重 穩重 wen3 zhong4
steady; earnest; staid

稳坐钓鱼台 穩坐釣魚臺 wen3 zuo4 diao4 yu2 tai2
lit. sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms (idiom); to stay calm during tense situation; a cool head in a crisis

站稳 站穩 zhan4 wen3
to stand firm

站稳脚步 站穩腳步 zhan4 wen3 jiao3 bu4
to gain a firm foothold; (fig.) to get oneself established

站稳脚跟 站穩腳跟 zhan4 wen3 jiao3 gen1
to stand firmly; to gain a foothold; to establish oneself

准稳旋涡结构 準穩旋渦結構 zhun3 wen3 xuan2 wo1 jie2 gou4
quasi-stationary spiral structure QSSS (astrophysics)

嘴稳 嘴穩 zui3 wen3
able to keep a secret