poor; destitute; to use up; to exhaust; thoroughly; extremely; (coll.) persistently and pointlessly

strokes 7
strokes after radical 2
矮丑穷 矮醜窮 ai3 chou3 qiong2
undesirable boyfriend (i.e. short, ugly and poor) (Internet slang); the opposite of 高富帥|高富帅

安富恤穷 安富恤窮 an1 fu4 xu4 qiong2
to give sympathy to the rich and relief to the poor (idiom)

不穷 不窮 bu4 qiong2
endless; boundless; inexhaustible

层出不穷 層出不窮 ceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2
more and more emerge; innumerable succession; breeding like flies (idiom)

打蛇不死,后患无穷 打蛇不死,後患無窮 da3 she2 bu4 si3 - hou4 huan4 wu2 qiong2
beat the snake to death or it will cause endless calamity (idiom); nip the problem in the bud

躲穷 躲窮 duo3 qiong2
to take refuge with a rich relative

缝穷 縫窮 feng2 qiong2
to sew and mend clothes for a pittance

国弱民穷 國弱民窮 guo2 ruo4 min2 qiong2
the country weakened and the people empoverished (idiom)

后患无穷 後患無窮 hou4 huan4 wu2 qiong2
it will cause no end of trouble (idiom); nip the problem in the bud

回味无穷 回味無窮 hui2 wei4 wu2 qiong2
leaving a rich aftertaste; (fig.) memorable; lingering in memory

救急不救穷 救急不救窮 jiu4 ji2 bu4 jiu4 qiong2
help the starving but not the poor (idiom)

哭穷 哭窮 ku1 qiong2
to bewail one's poverty; to complain about being hard up; to pretend to be poor

理屈词穷 理屈詞窮 li3 qu1 ci2 qiong2
faulty argument and poor rhetoric (idiom); unable to put forward any convincing arguments; without a leg to stand on

力大无穷 力大無窮 li4 da4 wu2 qiong2
extraordinary strength; super strong; strong as an ox

民穷财尽 民窮財盡 min2 qiong2 cai2 jin4
the people are impoverished, their means exhausted (idiom); to drive the nation to bankruptcy

贫穷 貧窮 pin2 qiong2
poor; impoverished

贫穷潦倒 貧窮潦倒 pin2 qiong2 liao2 dao3
poverty stricken

其乐不穷 其樂不窮 qi2 le4 bu4 qiong2
boundless joy

其乐无穷 其樂無窮 qi2 le4 wu2 qiong2
boundless joy

黔驴技穷 黔驢技窮 qian2 lv2 ji4 qiong2
to exhaust one's limited abilities (idiom)

穷棒子 窮棒子 qiong2 bang4 zi5
poor but spirited person; destitute; the poor (traditional)

穷兵黩武 窮兵黷武 qiong2 bing1 du2 wu3
to engage in wars of aggression at will (idiom); militaristic; bellicose

穷愁 窮愁 qiong2 chou2
destitute; troubled; penniless and full of care

穷愁潦倒 窮愁潦倒 qiong2 chou2 liao2 dao3
destitute and troubled; in dire straits

穷蹙 窮蹙 qiong2 cu4
hard-up; in dire straits; desperate

穷当益坚 窮當益堅 qiong2 dang1 yi4 jian1
poor but ambitious (idiom); hard-pressed but determined; the worse one's position, the harder one must fight back

穷抖 窮抖 qiong2 dou3
to shake uncontrollably; to jiggle (one's leg etc)

穷饿 窮餓 qiong2 e4
exhausted and hungry

穷二代 窮二代 qiong2 er4 dai4
those who did not benefit from the Chinese economic reforms of the 1980s; see also 富二代

穷光蛋 窮光蛋 qiong2 guang1 dan4
poor wretch; pauper; destitute man; poverty-stricken peasant; penniless good-for-nothing; impecunious vagabond

穷国 窮國 qiong2 guo2
poor country

穷家薄业 窮家薄業 qiong2 jia1 bo2 ye4
poor and with few means of subsistance (idiom); destitute

穷结 窮結 qiong2 jie2
variant of 瓊結|琼结, Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet

穷竭 窮竭 qiong2 jie2
to exhaust; to use up

穷竭法 窮竭法 qiong2 jie2 fa3
Archimedes' method of exhaustion (an early form of integral calculus)

穷结县 窮結縣 qiong2 jie2 xian4
variant of 瓊結縣|琼结县, Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet

穷尽 窮盡 qiong2 jin4
to use up; to exhaust; to probe to the bottom; limit; end

穷寇 窮寇 qiong2 kou4
cornered enemy

穷苦 窮苦 qiong2 ku3
impoverished; destitute

穷匮 窮匱 qiong2 kui4
to be short of sth; to be wanting in sth

穷困 窮困 qiong2 kun4
destitute; wretched poverty

穷忙族 窮忙族 qiong2 mang2 zu2
the working poor

穷人 窮人 qiong2 ren2
poor people; the poor

穷山恶水 窮山惡水 qiong2 shan1 e4 shui3
lit. barren hills and wild rivers (idiom); fig. inhospitable natural environment

穷奢极侈 窮奢極侈 qiong2 she1 ji2 chi3
extravagant in the extreme (idiom)

穷奢极欲 窮奢極欲 qiong2 she1 ji2 yu4
to indulge in a life of luxury (idiom); extreme extravagance

穷鼠啮狸 窮鼠嚙狸 qiong2 shu3 nie4 li2
a desperate rat will bite the fox (idiom); the smallest worm will turn being trodden on

穷酸相 窮酸相 qiong2 suan1 xiang4
wretched look; shabby looks

穷途末路 窮途末路 qiong2 tu2 mo4 lu4
lit. the path exhausted, the end of the road (idiom); an impasse; in a plight with no way out; things have reached a dead end

穷乡僻壤 窮鄉僻壤 qiong2 xiang1 pi4 rang3
a remote and desolate place

穷于应付 窮於應付 qiong2 yu2 ying4 fu4
to struggle to cope (with a situation); to be at one's wits' end

穷在闹市无人问,富在深山有远亲 窮在鬧市無人問,富在深山有遠親 qiong2 zai4 nao4 shi4 wu2 ren2 wen4 - fu4 zai4 shen1 shan1 you3 yuan3 qin1
the poor are ignored in the busiest city; the rich will find relatives in the deepest mountain

穷则思变 窮則思變 qiong2 ze2 si1 bian4
when you hit bottom, you have to come up with a new approach (idiom)

穷追 窮追 qiong2 zhui1
to pursue relentlessly

人穷志不穷 人窮志不窮 ren2 qiong2 zhi4 bu4 qiong2
poor but with great ambitions (idiom); poor but principled

人穷志短 人窮志短 ren2 qiong2 zhi4 duan3
poor and with low expectations; poverty stunts ambition

日暮途穷 日暮途窮 ri4 mu4 tu2 qiong2
sunset, the end of the road (idiom); in terminal decline; at a dead end

山穷水尽 山窮水盡 shan1 qiong2 shui3 jin4
mountain and river exhausted (idiom); at the end of the line; nowhere to go

受穷 受窮 shou4 qiong2

宋任穷 宋任窮 song4 ren4 qiong2
Song Renqiong (1909-2005), general of the People's Liberation Army

无穷 無窮 wu2 qiong2
endless; boundless; inexhaustible

无穷集 無窮集 wu2 qiong2 ji2
infinite set (math.)

无穷无尽 無窮無盡 wu2 qiong2 wu2 jin4
endless; boundless; infinite

无穷小 無窮小 wu2 qiong2 xiao3
infinitesimal (in calculus); infinitely small

无穷序列 無窮序列 wu2 qiong2 xu4 lie4
infinite sequence

无穷远点 無窮遠點 wu2 qiong2 yuan3 dian3
point at infinity (math.); infinitely distant point

一穷二白 一窮二白 yi1 qiong2 er4 bai2
impoverished; backward both economically and culturally

贻害无穷 貽害無窮 yi2 hai4 wu2 qiong2
to have disastrous consequences

遗害无穷 遺害無窮 yi2 hai4 wu2 qiong2
to have disastrous consequences; also written 貽害無窮|贻害无穷

装穷叫苦 裝窮叫苦 zhuang1 qiong2 jiao4 ku3
to feign and complain bitterly of being poverty stricken (idiom)

追本穷源 追本窮源 zhui1 ben3 qiong2 yuan2
to trace sth back to its origin