vault; dome; the sky

strokes 8
strokes after radical 3
苍穹 蒼穹 cang1 qiong2
the blue dome of heaven

穹苍 穹蒼 qiong2 cang1
the sky; the firmament; the vault of heaven

穹顶 穹頂 qiong2 ding3
dome; vault; domed roof

穹肋 穹肋 qiong2 lei4
a rib of an arch

穹窿 穹窿 qiong2 long2
a dome; a vault; the sky

穹隆 穹隆 qiong2 long2
domed structure; vault

穹庐 穹廬 qiong2 lu2
yurt (round tent)

穹丘 穹丘 qiong2 qiu1

穹形 穹形 qiong2 xing2
arched; vaulted; dome-shaped

熔岩穹丘 熔岩穹丘 rong2 yan2 qiong2 qiu1
magma dome