to steal; secretly; (humble) I

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
篡窃 篡竊 cuan4 qie4
to usurp; to seize

盗窃 盜竊 dao4 qie4
to steal

惯窃 慣竊 guan4 qie4
habitual thief

扒窃 扒竊 pa2 qie4
to steal; to pick pockets; to frisk

剽窃 剽竊 piao1 qie4
to plunder; to plagiarize

撬窃 撬竊 qiao4 qie4
burglary; house-breaking

窃蛋龙 竊蛋龍 qie4 dan4 long2
oviraptorosaurus (egg-stealing dinosaur)

窃盗 竊盜 qie4 dao4

窃蠹甲 竊蠹甲 qie4 du4 jia3
drugstore beetle

窃钩者诛,窃国者侯 竊鉤者誅,竊國者侯 qie4 gou1 zhe3 zhu1 - qie4 guo2 zhe3 hou2
steal a hook and they hang you, steal the whole country and they make you a prince (idiom, from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)

窃国者侯,窃钩者诛 竊國者侯,竊鉤者誅 qie4 guo2 zhe3 hou2 - qie4 gou1 zhe3 zhu1
steal the whole country and they make you a prince, steal a hook and they hang you (idiom, from Daoist classic Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子)

窃据 竊據 qie4 ju4
to usurp; to claim unjustly; to expropriate

窃窃 竊竊 qie4 qie4
privately; secretly; unobtrusively

窃窃私语 竊竊私語 qie4 qie4 si1 yu3
to whisper

窃取 竊取 qie4 qu3
to steal; to seize

窃权 竊權 qie4 quan2
to usurp authority; to hold power improperly

窃声 竊聲 qie4 sheng1
in a whisper; in stealthy tones

窃听 竊聽 qie4 ting1
to eavesdrop; to wiretap

窃听器 竊聽器 qie4 ting1 qi4
tapping device; bug

窃喜 竊喜 qie4 xi3
to be secretly delighted

窃嫌 竊嫌 qie4 xian2
suspected thief (Tw)

窃笑 竊笑 qie4 xiao4
to snigger; to titter

窃贼 竊賊 qie4 zei2

攘窃 攘竊 rang3 qie4
to usurp; to steal

身份盗窃 身份盜竊 shen1 fen4 dao4 qie4
identity theft

失窃 失竊 shi1 qie4
to lose by theft; to have one's property stolen

条斑窃蠹 條斑竊蠹 tiao2 ban1 qie4 du4
furniture beetle

偷窃 偷竊 tou1 qie4
to steal; to pilfer

偷香窃玉 偷香竊玉 tou1 xiang1 qie4 yu4
lit. stolen scent, pilfered jade (idiom); philandering; secret illicit sex

行窃 行竊 xing2 qie4
to steal; to commit a robbery