to flee; to scuttle; to exile or banish; to amend or edit

strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
抱头鼠窜 抱頭鼠竄 bao4 tou2 shu3 cuan4
to cover one's head and sneak away like a rat (idiom); to flee ignominiously

窜犯 竄犯 cuan4 fan4
to raid; an intrusion (of the enemy, or bandit groups)

窜改 竄改 cuan4 gai3
to alter; to modify; to change; to tamper

窜红 竄紅 cuan4 hong2
to become suddenly popular; suddenly all the rage

窜踞 竄踞 cuan4 ju4
to flee in disorder and encamp somewhere

窜扰 竄擾 cuan4 rao3
to invade and harass

窜升 竄升 cuan4 sheng1
to rise rapidly; to shoot up

窜逃 竄逃 cuan4 tao2
to flee in disorder; to scurry off

点窜 點竄 dian3 cuan4
to reword; to edit a text

流窜 流竄 liu2 cuan4
to roam all over the place; to go into every nook and corner; to infiltrate; (of criminals, enemies etc) to be on the run; to flee and try to hide

流窜犯 流竄犯 liu2 cuan4 fan4
criminal at large

乱窜 亂竄 luan4 cuan4
to flee in disarray; to scatter

鼠窜 鼠竄 shu3 cuan4
to scamper off; to scurry off like a frightened rat

逃窜 逃竄 tao2 cuan4
to run away; to flee in disarray

逃窜无踪 逃竄無蹤 tao2 cuan4 wu2 zong1
to disperse and flee, leaving no trace