to peep; to pry into

strokes 16
strokes after radical 11
管窥 管窺 guan3 kui1
to look at sth through a bamboo tube; to have a restricted view

管窥所及 管窺所及 guan3 kui1 suo3 ji2
in my humble opinion

管中窥豹 管中窺豹 guan3 zhong1 kui1 bao4
lit. to see a leopard through a narrow tube (idiom); fig. to miss the big picture

窥豹 窺豹 kui1 bao4
lit. to see one spot on a leopard; fig. a restricted view

窥豹一斑 窺豹一斑 kui1 bao4 yi1 ban1
lit. see one spot on a leopard (idiom); fig. a restricted view

窥视 窺視 kui1 shi4
to peep at; to spy on; to peek

窥伺 窺伺 kui1 si4
to spy upon; to lie in wait for (an opportunity)

窥探 窺探 kui1 tan4
to pry into or spy on; to snoop; to peep; to poke one's nose into; to peer; to get a glimpse of

窥望 窺望 kui1 wang4
to peep; to spy on

窥知 窺知 kui1 zhi1
to find out about; to discover

目不窥园 目不窺園 mu4 bu4 kui1 yuan2
lit. not even peek at the garden; fig. to be absorbed in one's studies (idiom)

内窥镜 內窺鏡 nei4 kui1 jing4

觑窥 覷窺 qu4 kui1
to peep at

偷窥 偷窺 tou1 kui1
to peep; to peek; to act as voyeur

偷窥狂 偷窺狂 tou1 kui1 kuang2
voyeur; peeping tom

一窥端倪 一窺端倪 yi1 kui1 duan1 ni2
to infer easily; to guess at a glance; to get a clue