surname Tong


strokes 12
strokes after radical 7
报童 報童 bao4 tong2

儿童 兒童 er2 tong2

儿童基金会 兒童基金會 er2 tong2 ji1 jin1 hui4
UNICEF (United Nations Children's fund)

儿童乐园 兒童樂園 er2 tong2 le4 yuan2
children's play area

儿童权利公约 兒童權利公約 er2 tong2 quan2 li4 gong1 yue1
Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

返老还童 返老還童 fan3 lao3 huan2 tong2
to recover one's youthful vigor; to feel rejuvenated (idiom)

国际儿童节 國際兒童節 guo2 ji4 er2 tong2 jie2
International Children's Day (June 1)

孩童 孩童 hai2 tong2

河童 河童 he2 tong2
Kappa, a child-size humanoid water creature in Japanese folklore

花童 花童 hua1 tong2
page boy; flower girl (at a wedding)

乩童 乩童 ji1 tong2
spirit medium

家童 家童 jia1 tong2

金童玉女 金童玉女 jin1 tong2 yu4 nv3
lit. golden boys and jade maidens (idiom); attendants of the Daoist immortals; fig. lovely young children; a golden couple; (of a couple who are in the public eye) a lovely young couple

联合国儿童基金会 聯合國兒童基金會 lian2 he2 guo2 er2 tong2 ji1 jin1 hui4
United Nations Children's Fund; UNICEF

恋童犯 戀童犯 lian4 tong2 fan4

恋童癖 戀童癖 lian4 tong2 pi3
pedophilia; pedophile

流动儿童 流動兒童 liu2 dong4 er2 tong2
children of migrants

留守儿童 留守兒童 liu2 shou3 er2 tong2
"left-behind children", rural children whose parents have to make a living as migrant workers in distant urban areas, but cannot afford to keep the family with them

六一儿童节 六一兒童節 liu4 yi1 er2 tong2 jie2
Children's Day (June 1st), PRC national holiday for children under 14

娈童 孌童 luan2 tong2
catamite (boy as homosexual partner); kept man; gigolo

娈童恋 孌童戀 luan2 tong2 lian4

娈童者 孌童者 luan2 tong2 zhe3
child molester; sex tourist

门童 門童 men2 tong2
doorman; bell boy

牧童 牧童 mu4 tong2
shepherd boy

男童 男童 nan2 tong2
boy; male child

女童 女童 nv3 tong2
small girl

球童 球童 qiu2 tong2
ball boy (tennis); caddie (golf)

神童 神童 shen2 tong2
child prodigy

特殊儿童 特殊兒童 te4 shu1 er2 tong2
child with special needs; gifted child

童便 童便 tong2 bian4
urine of boys under 12, used as medicine (TCM)

童床 童床 tong2 chuang2
crib; children's bed

童儿 童兒 tong2 er2

童工 童工 tong2 gong1
child labor

童花头 童花頭 tong2 hua1 tou2
short bobbed hairstyle

童话 童話 tong2 hua4
children's fairy tales

童话故事 童話故事 tong2 hua4 gu4 shi4
fairy tale

童乩 童乩 tong2 ji1
spirit medium

童军 童軍 tong2 jun1
Scout (youth organization); see also 童子軍|童子军

童蒙 童蒙 tong2 meng2
young and ignorant; ignorant and uneducated

童男 童男 tong2 nan2
virgin male

童年 童年 tong2 nian2

童女 童女 tong2 nv3
virgin female

童趣 童趣 tong2 qu4
qualities that delight children (e.g. bold colors in a picture, anthropomorphized characters in a TV show, the physical challenge of playground equipment)

童山濯濯 童山濯濯 tong2 shan1 zhuo2 zhuo2
treeless hill; (fig.) bald head

童身 童身 tong2 shen1
undefiled body; virginity; virgin

童生 童生 tong2 sheng1
candidate who has not yet passed the county level imperial exam

童叟无欺 童叟無欺 tong2 sou3 wu2 qi1
cheating neither old nor young (idiom); treating youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously; Our house offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike.

童心 童心 tong2 xin1
childish heart; childish innocence

童星 童星 tong2 xing1
child star

童言无忌 童言無忌 tong2 yan2 wu2 ji4
children's words carry no harm (idiom)

童养媳 童養媳 tong2 yang3 xi2
child bride; girl adopted into a family as future daughter-in-law

童养媳妇 童養媳婦 tong2 yang3 xi2 fu4
child bride; girl adopted into a family as future daughter-in-law

童谣 童謠 tong2 yao2
nursery rhyme

童贞 童貞 tong2 zhen1
virginity; chastity

童真 童真 tong2 zhen1
childishness; naivete

童稚 童稚 tong2 zhi4
child; childish

童装 童裝 tong2 zhuang1
children's clothing

童子 童子 tong2 zi3

童子军 童子軍 tong2 zi3 jun1
Scout (youth organization)

童子军 童子軍 tong2 zi3 jun1
child soldiers; juvenile militia

童子尿 童子尿 tong2 zi3 niao4
urine of boys under 12, used as medicine (TCM)

顽童 頑童 wan2 tong2

挽救儿童 挽救兒童 wan3 jiu4 er2 tong2
to rescue a child; Save the Children, a British charity

文童 文童 wen2 tong2
a person studying for the imperial examinations

仙童 仙童 xian1 tong2
elf; leprechaun

学童 學童 xue2 tong2

幼童 幼童 you4 tong2
young child

幼童军 幼童軍 you4 tong2 jun1
Cub Scout

梓童 梓童 zi3 tong2
appellation of the empress by the emperor