to compete; to contend; to struggle

strokes 20
strokes after radical 15
标新竞异 標新競異 biao1 xin1 jing4 yi4
to start on sth new and different (idiom); to display originality

不正当竞争 不正當競爭 bu4 zheng4 dang4 jing4 zheng1
unfair competition; illicit competition

公平竞争 公平競爭 gong1 ping2 jing4 zheng1
fair competition

竞猜 競猜 jing4 cai1
to try to answer a question (in a quiz, guessing game, riddle etc); quiz game

竞答 競答 jing4 da2
to compete to answer questions (in class)

竞渡 競渡 jing4 du4
rowing competition; boat race; swimming competition (e.g. to cross river or lake)

竞购 競購 jing4 gou4
to bid competitively; to compete to buy (at auction)

竞技 競技 jing4 ji4
competition of skill (e.g. sports); athletics tournament

竞技场 競技場 jing4 ji4 chang3

竞技动物 競技動物 jing4 ji4 dong4 wu4
animals used in blood sports

竞技性 競技性 jing4 ji4 xing4

竞价 競價 jing4 jia4
price competition; bid (in an auction); to compete on price; to bid against sb

竞赛 競賽 jing4 sai4
race; competition

竞赛者 競賽者 jing4 sai4 zhe3

竞相 競相 jing4 xiang1
competitive; eagerly; to vie

竞秀 競秀 jing4 xiu4
beauty contest; vying to be the most beautiful

竞选 競選 jing4 xuan3
to take part in an election; to run for office

竞选搭档 競選搭檔 jing4 xuan3 da1 dang4
election partner; running mate

竞选副手 競選副手 jing4 xuan3 fu4 shou3
election assistant; running mate

竞选活动 競選活動 jing4 xuan3 huo2 dong4
(election) campaign

竞艳 競艷 jing4 yan4
vying to be the most glamorous; each more gorgeous than the other; beauty contest

竞争 競爭 jing4 zheng1
to compete; competition

竞争产品 競爭產品 jing4 zheng1 chan3 pin3
competitive product; competitor's product

竞争对手 競爭對手 jing4 zheng1 dui4 shou3
rival; competitor

竞争力 競爭力 jing4 zheng1 li4
competitive strength; competitiveness

竞争模式 競爭模式 jing4 zheng1 mo2 shi4
competition model

竞争性 競爭性 jing4 zheng1 xing4

竞争者 競爭者 jing4 zheng1 zhe3

竞逐 競逐 jing4 zhu2
competition; to compete; to pursue

竞走 競走 jing4 zou3
walking race (athletics event)

竞租 競租 jing4 zu1
rent-seeking (economics)

军备竞赛 軍備競賽 jun1 bei4 jing4 sai4
arms race; armament(s) race

市场竞争 市場競爭 shi4 chang3 jing4 zheng1
market competition

物竞天择 物競天擇 wu4 jing4 tian1 ze2
natural selection

直接竞争 直接競爭 zhi2 jie1 jing4 zheng1
direct competitor; direct competition