old variant of 笑

laugh; smile

strokes 10
strokes after radical 4
暗笑 暗笑 an4 xiao4
laugh in (up) one's sleeve; snigger; snicker

爆笑 爆笑 bao4 xiao4
to burst out laughing; hilarious; burst of laughter

惨笑 慘笑 can3 xiao4
bitter smile

灿笑 燦笑 can4 xiao4
to smile brightly

嘲笑 嘲笑 chao2 xiao4
to jeer at; to deride; to ridicule; mockery; derision

嗤笑 嗤笑 chi1 xiao4
to sneer at

痴笑 痴笑 chi1 xiao4
to giggle foolishly; to titter

耻笑 恥笑 chi3 xiao4
to sneer at sb; to ridicule

大笑 大笑 da4 xiao4
to laugh heartily; a belly laugh

逗人发笑 逗人發笑 dou4 ren2 fa1 xiao4
to make people laugh

逗笑 逗笑 dou4 xiao4
to amuse; to cause to smile; amusing

逗笑儿 逗笑兒 dou4 xiao4 er5
erhua variant of 逗笑

诶笑 誒笑 ei1 xiao4
to laugh loudly; guffaw

发笑 發笑 fa1 xiao4
to burst out laughing; to laugh

妃子笑 妃子笑 fei1 zi5 xiao4
concubine's smile, a cultivar of lychee

付之一笑 付之一笑 fu4 zhi1 yi1 xiao4
to dismiss sth with a laugh (idiom); to laugh it off

干笑 乾笑 gan1 xiao4
to give a hollow laugh; to force a smile; forced laugh

搞笑 搞笑 gao3 xiao4
funny; hilarious

搞笑片 搞笑片 gao3 xiao4 pian4
comedy film; comedy

咯咯笑 咯咯笑 ge1 ge1 xiao4

格格笑 格格笑 ge2 ge2 xiao4

龟笑鳖无尾 龜笑鱉無尾 gui1 xiao4 bie1 wu2 wei3
lit. a tortoise laughing at a soft-shelled turtle for having no tail (idiom); fig. the pot calling the kettle black

诡笑 詭笑 gui3 xiao4
smirk; insincere smile

哈哈大笑 哈哈大笑 ha1 ha1 da4 xiao4
to laugh heartily; to burst into loud laughter

哈哈笑 哈哈笑 ha1 ha1 xiao4
to laugh out loud

含笑 含笑 han2 xiao4
to have a smile on one's face

颔首微笑 頷首微笑 han4 shou3 wei1 xiao4
to nod and smile

好笑 好笑 hao3 xiao4
laughable; funny; ridiculous

哄堂大笑 哄堂大笑 hong1 tang2 da4 xiao4
the whole room roaring with laughter (idiom)

哄笑 哄笑 hong1 xiao4
to roar with laughter; hoots of laughter; guffaw

哗笑 嘩笑 hua2 xiao4
uproarious laughter

欢笑 歡笑 huan1 xiao4
to laugh happily; a belly-laugh

荤笑话 葷笑話 hun1 xiao4 hua4
dirty jokes; jokes of a visceral nature

讥笑 譏笑 ji1 xiao4
to sneer

奸笑 奸笑 jian1 xiao4
evil smile; sinister smile

见笑 見笑 jian4 xiao4
to mock; to be ridiculed; to incur ridicule through one's poor performance (humble)

开玩笑 開玩笑 kai1 wan2 xiao4
to play a joke; to make fun of; to joke

可笑 可笑 ke3 xiao4
funny; ridiculous

哭笑不得 哭笑不得 ku1 xiao4 bu4 de2
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom); both funny and extremely embarrassing; between laughter and tears

苦笑 苦笑 ku3 xiao4
to force a smile; a bitter laugh

狂笑 狂笑 kuang2 xiao4
to howl with laughter; to laugh one's head off

兰陵笑笑生 蘭陵笑笑生 lan2 ling2 xiao4 xiao4 sheng1
Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng, pseudonym of the Ming dynasty writer and author of the Golden Lotus 金瓶梅

冷笑 冷笑 leng3 xiao4
to sneer; to laugh grimly; grin of dissatisfaction (bitterness, helplessness, indignation etc); bitter, grim, sarcastic or angry smile

冷笑话 冷笑話 leng3 xiao4 hua4
joke intended to be so corny it makes one groan

咧开嘴笑 咧開嘴笑 lie3 kai1 zui3 xiao4
to laugh

露齿而笑 露齒而笑 lu4 chi3 er2 xiao4
to grin

买笑追欢 買笑追歡 mai3 xiao4 zhui1 huan1
lit. to buy smiles to seek happiness; abandon oneself to the pleasures of the flesh (idiom)

卖笑 賣笑 mai4 xiao4
to work as a good-time girl; to prostitute oneself

眉开眼笑 眉開眼笑 mei2 kai1 yan3 xiao4
brows raised in delight, eyes laughing (idiom); beaming with joy; all smiles

媚笑 媚笑 mei4 xiao4
enchanting smile

闹笑话 鬧笑話 nao4 xiao4 hua4
made to look a fool; a laughingstock

狞笑 獰笑 ning2 xiao4
to laugh nastily; evil grin

赔笑 賠笑 pei2 xiao4
to smile apologetically or obsequiously

捧腹大笑 捧腹大笑 peng3 fu4 da4 xiao4
uproarious; hilarious; to split one's sides laughing; lit. to hold one's belly with both hands

皮笑肉不笑 皮笑肉不笑 pi2 xiao4 rou4 bu4 xiao4
to put on a fake smile (idiom); to smile insincerely

破涕为笑 破涕為笑 po4 ti4 wei2 xiao4
to turn tears into laughter (idiom); to turn grief into happiness

强颜欢笑 強顏歡笑 qiang3 yan2 huan1 xiao4
to pretend to look happy; to force oneself to smile

窃笑 竊笑 qie4 xiao4
to snigger; to titter

取笑 取笑 qu3 xiao4
to tease; to make fun of

傻笑 傻笑 sha3 xiao4
to giggle; to laugh foolishly; to smirk; to simper

讪笑 訕笑 shan4 xiao4
to ridicule; to mock

少女露笑脸,婚事半成全 少女露笑臉,婚事半成全 shao4 nv3 lu4 xiao4 lian3 - hun1 shi4 ban4 cheng2 quan2
When the girl smiles, the matchmaker's job is half done. (idiom)

谁笑到最后,谁笑得最好 誰笑到最後,誰笑得最好 shei2 xiao4 dao4 zui4 hou4 - shei2 xiao4 de2 zui4 hao3
He laughs best who laughs last.

谁笑在最后,谁笑得最好 誰笑在最後,誰笑得最好 shei2 xiao4 zai4 zui4 hou4 - shei2 xiao4 de2 zui4 hao3
He laughs best who laughs last.

哂笑 哂笑 shen3 xiao4
(literary) to sneer; to laugh at

失笑 失笑 shi1 xiao4
to laugh in spite of oneself; to be unable to help laughing; to break into laughter

说笑 說笑 shuo1 xiao4
to chat and laugh; to crack jokes; to banter

似笑非笑 似笑非笑 si4 xiao4 fei1 xiao4
like a smile yet not a smile (idiom)

谈笑风生 談笑風生 tan2 xiao4 feng1 sheng1
to talk cheerfully and wittily; to joke together

谈笑自若 談笑自若 tan2 xiao4 zi4 ruo4
to talk and laugh as though nothing had happened; to remain cheerful (despite a crisis)

啼笑皆非 啼笑皆非 ti2 xiao4 jie1 fei1
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom); between laughter and tears

调笑 調笑 tiao2 xiao4
to tease; to poke fun at

偷笑 偷笑 tou1 xiao4
to laugh up one's sleeve

玩笑 玩笑 wan2 xiao4
to joke; joke; jest

微笑 微笑 wei1 xiao4
smile; to smile

五十步笑百步 五十步笑百步 wu3 shi2 bu4 xiao4 bai3 bu4
the one who has retreated 50 steps laughs at the one who has retreated 100 steps (idiom); the pot calls the kettle black

嘻皮笑脸 嘻皮笑臉 xi1 pi2 xiao4 lian3
see 嬉皮笑臉|嬉皮笑脸

嬉皮笑脸 嬉皮笑臉 xi1 pi2 xiao4 lian3
all smiles; smiling mischievously or ingratiatingly

嬉笑 嬉笑 xi1 xiao4
to be laughing and playing; to giggle

嬉笑怒骂 嬉笑怒罵 xi1 xiao4 nu4 ma4
lit. laughs, jeers, anger and invective (idiom); fig. all kinds of emotions; to mock and scold; (of writing) freely roving; following the author's fancy

喜笑 喜笑 xi3 xiao4
to laugh; laughter

喜笑颜开 喜笑顏開 xi3 xiao4 yan2 kai1
grinning from ear to ear (idiom); beaming with happiness

笑柄 笑柄 xiao4 bing3
a matter for ridicule; an object of ridicule; laughingstock

笑不可仰 笑不可仰 xiao4 bu4 ke3 yang3
to double up with laughter (idiom)

笑不可抑 笑不可抑 xiao4 bu4 ke3 yi4
to laugh irrepressibly

笑点 笑點 xiao4 dian3
funny bits; humorous parts; jokes; punchline

笑点低 笑點低 xiao4 dian3 di1
amused by even the weakest joke; ready to laugh at the smallest thing

笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 xiao4 diao4 da4 ya2
to laugh one's head off; ridiculous; jaw-dropping

笑哈哈 笑哈哈 xiao4 ha1 ha1
to laugh heartily

笑话 笑話 xiao4 hua4
joke; jest; to laugh at; to mock

笑口弥勒 笑口彌勒 xiao4 kou3 mi2 le4
laughing Maitreya

笑里藏刀 笑裡藏刀 xiao4 li3 cang2 dao1
lit. a dagger hidden in smiles (idiom); friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions; when the fox preaches, look to the geese

笑脸 笑臉 xiao4 lian3
smiling face; smiley :) ☺

笑脸儿 笑臉兒 xiao4 lian3 er5
erhua variant of 笑臉|笑脸

笑脸相迎 笑臉相迎 xiao4 lian3 xiang1 ying2
to welcome sb with a smiling face (idiom)

笑料 笑料 xiao4 liao4
source of laughter; laughing stock; butt; joke (person)

笑林 笑林 xiao4 lin2
Jokes (title of an ancient collection of jokes, often used in the title of modern collections of jokes)

笑貌 笑貌 xiao4 mao4
smiling face

笑眯眯 笑眯眯 xiao4 mi1 mi1
beaming; all smiles

笑面虎 笑面虎 xiao4 mian4 hu3
man with a big smile and evil intentions

笑纳 笑納 xiao4 na4
to kindly accept (an offering)

笑鸥 笑鷗 xiao4 ou1
(bird species of China) laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla)

笑贫不笑娼 笑貧不笑娼 xiao4 pin2 bu4 xiao4 chang1
the notion in society that it's better to get ahead in the world by abandoning one's scruples than to suffer poverty; lit. despising poverty but not prostitution (idiom)

笑破肚皮 笑破肚皮 xiao4 po4 du4 pi2
to split one's sides laughing

笑容 笑容 xiao4 rong2
smile; smiling expression

笑容可掬 笑容可掬 xiao4 rong2 ke3 ju1
smiling wholeheartedly (idiom); beaming from ear to ear

笑声 笑聲 xiao4 sheng1

笑谈 笑談 xiao4 tan2
object of ridicule; laughingstock; to laugh over sth; to make light chat

笑纹 笑紋 xiao4 wen2
laugh lines (on the face)

笑涡 笑渦 xiao4 wo1
see 笑窩|笑窝

笑窝 笑窩 xiao4 wo1

笑靥 笑靨 xiao4 ye4
dimple; smiling face

笑意 笑意 xiao4 yi4
smiling expression

笑吟吟 笑吟吟 xiao4 yin2 yin2
smiling; with a smile

笑盈盈 笑盈盈 xiao4 ying2 ying2
smilingly; to be all smiles

笑语 笑語 xiao4 yu3
talking and laughing; cheerful talk

笑逐颜开 笑逐顏開 xiao4 zhu2 yan2 kai1
smile spread across the face (idiom); beaming with pleasure; all smiles; joy written across one's face

哑然失笑 啞然失笑 ya3 ran2 shi1 xiao4
to laugh involuntarily; Taiwan pr.

嫣然一笑 嫣然一笑 yan1 ran2 yi1 xiao4
to smile sweetly

一颦一笑 一顰一笑 yi1 pin2 yi1 xiao4
every frown and every smile

一笑了之 一笑了之 yi1 xiao4 liao3 zhi1
to laugh away (instead of taking seriously)

一笑置之 一笑置之 yi1 xiao4 zhi4 zhi1
to dismiss with a laugh; to make light of

贻笑 貽笑 yi2 xiao4
to be ridiculous; to make a fool of oneself

贻笑大方 貽笑大方 yi2 xiao4 da4 fang1
to make a fool of oneself; to make oneself a laughing stock

贻笑方家 貽笑方家 yi2 xiao4 fang1 jia1
a novice making a fool of himself; to make oneself ridiculous before experts

阴笑 陰笑 yin1 xiao4
to laugh evilly

有说有笑 有說有笑 you3 shuo1 you3 xiao4
talking and laughing; to jest; cheerful and lively