free reed mouth organ, with wooden pipes stuck into a gourd

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
杜月笙 杜月笙 du4 yue4 sheng1
Du Yuesheng (1888-1951), Shanghai secret-society leader, banker, industrialist

胡笙 胡笙 hu2 sheng1
pipe wind instrument introduced from the non-Han peoples in the North and West

芦笙 蘆笙 lu2 sheng1
reed-pipe wind instrument

排笙 排笙 pai2 sheng1
reed-pipe wind instrument with a keyboard

笙歌 笙歌 sheng1 ge1
music and song (formal writing)

笙管 笙管 sheng1 guan3
pipes of a panpipe

笙簧 笙簧 sheng1 huang2
reeds of a panpipe

笙箫 笙簫 sheng1 xiao1
reed-pipe wind instrument and vertical bamboo flute

竹笙 竹笙 zhu2 sheng1
bamboo fungus