to whip with bamboo strips

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
榜笞 榜笞 bang4 chi1
to beat; to flog; to whip

鞭笞 鞭笞 bian1 chi1
to flog; to lash; to whip; to urge or goad along

笞背 笞背 chi1 bei4
to flog or whip the back

笞棰 笞棰 chi1 chui2
to beat with a bamboo whip

笞击 笞擊 chi1 ji1
to cudgel

笞掠 笞掠 chi1 lve4
to flog

笞骂 笞罵 chi1 ma4
to whip and revile

笞辱 笞辱 chi1 ru3
to whip and insult

笞挞 笞撻 chi1 ta4
to flog; to whip

笞臀 笞臀 chi1 tun2
to whip the buttocks

笞刑 笞刑 chi1 xing2
whipping with bamboo strips (as corporal punishment)

笞责 笞責 chi1 ze2
to flog with a bamboo stick

笞杖 笞杖 chi1 zhang4
a cudgel