muscle; tendon

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
抽筋 抽筋 chou1 jin1
cramp; charley horse; to pull a tendon

低筋面粉 低筋麵粉 di1 jin1 mian4 fen3
low gluten flour; cake flour; pastry flour; soft flour

动脑筋 動腦筋 dong4 nao3 jin1
to use one's brains; to think

豆渣脑筋 豆渣腦筋 dou4 zha1 nao3 jin1
idiot; porridge head

翻筋斗 翻筋斗 fan1 jin1 dou3
to tumble; to turn a somersault

钢筋 鋼筋 gang1 jin1
steel reinforcing bar

钢筋混凝土 鋼筋混凝土 gang1 jin1 hun4 ning2 tu3
reinforced concrete

钢筋水泥 鋼筋水泥 gang1 jin1 shui3 ni2
reinforced concrete

高筋面粉 高筋麵粉 gao1 jin1 mian4 fen3
bread flour; hard flour

横翻筋斗 横翻筋斗 heng2 fan1 jin1 dou3
to turn cartwheels

横筋斗 橫筋斗 heng2 jin1 dou3

猴皮筋 猴皮筋 hou2 pi2 jin1
(coll.) rubber band

后翻筋斗 後翻筋斗 hou4 fan1 jin1 dou3
backward somersault

筋斗 筋斗 jin1 dou3
tumble; somersault

筋斗云 筋斗雲 jin1 dou3 yun2
Sun Wukong's magical cloud

筋骨 筋骨 jin1 gu3
muscles and bones; physique; strength; courage

筋节 筋節 jin1 jie2
lit. muscles and joints; by ext. the relations between parts in a speech, composition etc

筋络 筋絡 jin1 luo4
tendons and muscles

筋疲力尽 筋疲力盡 jin1 pi2 li4 jin4
body weary, strength exhausted (idiom); extremely tired; spent

拉筋 拉筋 la1 jin1
stretching (exercise)

脸红筋暴 臉紅筋暴 lian3 hong2 jin1 bao4
red and tense with anger (idiom)

脸红筋涨 臉紅筋漲 lian3 hong2 jin1 zhang3
red and tense with anger (idiom)

马利筋 馬利筋 ma3 li4 jin1
tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica)

面筋 麵筋 mian4 jin1

脑筋 腦筋 nao3 jin1
brains; mind; head; way of thinking

牛筋草 牛筋草 niu2 jin1 cao3
wire grass (Eleusine indica)

配筋 配筋 pei4 jin1
rebar (construction)

皮筋 皮筋 pi2 jin1
rubber band

青筋 青筋 qing1 jin1
veins; blue veins

伤筋动骨 傷筋動骨 shang1 jin1 dong4 gu3
to suffer serious injury (idiom)

伤筋断骨 傷筋斷骨 shang1 jin1 duan4 gu3
to suffer serious injury (idiom)

伤脑筋 傷腦筋 shang1 nao3 jin1
to be a real headache; to find sth a real headache; to beat one's brains

少根筋 少根筋 shao3 gen1 jin1
(coll.) dim-witted; foolish; absent-minded

跳皮筋 跳皮筋 tiao4 pi2 jin1
to play rubber band jump rope

橡皮筋 橡皮筋 xiang4 pi2 jin1
rubber band

一根筋 一根筋 yi1 gen1 jin1
stubborn; inflexible; one-track minded

栽筋斗 栽筋斗 zai1 jin1 dou3
to tumble; to fall head over heels; (fig.) to take a tumble

中筋面粉 中筋麵粉 zhong1 jin1 mian4 fen3
all-purpose flour; flour for making dumplings and noodles

转筋 轉筋 zhuan4 jin1
muscle cramp

宗筋 宗筋 zong1 jin1
penis (Chinese medicine)

足底筋膜炎 足底筋膜炎 zu2 di3 jin1 mo2 yan2
plantar fasciitis (medicine)