bamboo shoot

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
春笋 春筍 chun1 sun3
springtime bamboo shoots; fig. (of woman's fingers) tender and delicate

冬笋 冬筍 dong1 sun3
winter bamboo shoots (smaller and tenderer as a result of being dug out before they come out of the soil)

黎笋 黎筍 li2 sun3
Le Duan (1907-1986), Vietnamese communist politician

芦笋 蘆筍 lu2 sun3

石笋 石筍 shi2 sun3

莴笋 萵筍 wo1 sun3
Chinese lettuce; celtuce; asparagus lettuce; celery lettuce; stem lettuce

雨后春笋 雨後春筍 yu3 hou4 chun1 sun3
lit. after rain, the spring bamboo (idiom); fig. rapid new growth; many new things emerge in rapid succession

玉米笋 玉米筍 yu4 mi3 sun3
baby corn

竹笋 竹筍 zhu2 sun3
bamboo shoot