pot-scrubbing brush made of bamboo strips; basket (container) for chopsticks; variant of 筲

basket; bucket

strokes 13
strokes after radical 7
斗筲 斗筲 dou3 shao1
an ancient bamboo container; narrow-mindedness

斗筲之材 斗筲之材 dou3 shao1 zhi1 cai2
person of limited capacity

斗筲之器 斗筲之器 dou3 shao1 zhi1 qi4
person narrow-minded and shortsighted

斗筲之人 斗筲之人 dou3 shao1 zhi1 ren2
a small-minded person; a bean-counter

筲箍 筲箍 shao1 gu1
to hoop on a basket

筲箕 筲箕 shao1 ji1
bamboo basket for rice-washing

水筲 水筲 shui3 shao1
well bucket; pail made of bamboo strips