to sign one's name; visa; variant of 籤|签

Japanese variant of 籤|签

inscribed bamboo stick (used in divination, gambling, drawing lots etc); small wood sliver; label; tag

strokes 13
strokes after radical 7
便签 便簽 bian4 qian1
note; memo

标签 標籤 biao1 qian1
label; tag; tab (of a window) (computing)

标签页 標籤頁 biao1 qian1 ye4
tab (of a browser window)

抽签 抽籤 chou1 qian1
to perform divination with sticks; to draw lots; a ballot (in share dealing)

附签 附籤 fu4 qian1
price tag

改签 改簽 gai3 qian1
to change one's reservation; to transfer to a different flight or airline

过境签证 過境簽證 guo4 jing4 qian1 zheng4
transit visa

价格标签 價格標籤 jia4 ge2 biao1 qian1
price tag

拒签 拒簽 ju4 qian1
to refuse (a visa application etc)

落地签 落地籤 luo4 di4 qian1
landing visa; visa on arrival

棉签 棉簽 mian2 qian1
variant of 棉籤|棉签; cotton swab

棉签 棉籤 mian2 qian1
cotton swab

棉药签 棉藥籤 mian2 yao4 qian1
medical swab

免签 免簽 mian3 qian1
to waive visa requirements; visa exemption; visa-exempt

名称标签 名稱標籤 ming2 cheng1 biao1 qian1
name tag

名签 名籤 ming2 qian1
name tag

签唱会 簽唱會 qian1 chang4 hui4
(of a singer) autograph session; record signing event

签呈 簽呈 qian1 cheng2
petition (submitted to a superior)

签出 簽出 qian1 chu1
to log off

签到 簽到 qian1 dao4
to register; to sign in

签订 簽訂 qian1 ding4
to agree to and sign (a treaty etc)

签定 簽定 qian1 ding4
to sign (a contract, treaty etc)

签赌 簽賭 qian1 du3
to gamble

签发 簽發 qian1 fa1
to issue (a document); to sign and issue officially

签发地点 簽發地點 qian1 fa1 di4 dian3
place of issue (of document)

签发日期 簽發日期 qian1 fa1 ri4 qi1
date of issue (of document)

签名 簽名 qian1 ming2
to sign (one's name with a pen etc); to autograph; signature

签派室 簽派室 qian1 pai4 shi4
dispatch office

签入 簽入 qian1 ru4
to log on; to log in

签收 簽收 qian1 shou1
to sign for the acceptance of sth (e.g. a delivery etc)

签署 簽署 qian1 shu3
to sign (an agreement)

签条 籤條 qian1 tiao2
label; tag

签语饼 簽語餅 qian1 yu3 bing3
fortune cookie

签约 簽約 qian1 yue1
to sign a contract or agreement

签约奖金 簽約獎金 qian1 yue1 jiang3 jin1
signing bonus; sign-on bonus

签章 簽章 qian1 zhang1

签证 簽證 qian1 zheng4
visa; certificate; to certify

签字 簽字 qian1 zi4
to sign (one's name); signature

签字笔 簽字筆 qian1 zi4 bi3
felt-tip pen; roller ball pen; gel ink pen

签字费 簽字費 qian1 zi4 fei4
signing bonus; sign-on bonus

签字者 簽字者 qian1 zi4 zhe3

入境签证 入境簽證 ru4 jing4 qian1 zheng4
entry visa

书签 書籤 shu1 qian1

题签 題簽 ti2 qian1
to write the title of a book on a label

图签 圖簽 tu2 qian1
(computer) icon

未签字者 未簽字者 wei4 qian1 zi4 zhe3

续签 續簽 xu4 qian1
to renew a contract; contract extension

牙签 牙籤 ya2 qian1

药签 藥籤 yao4 qian1
medical swab

中签 中簽 zhong4 qian1
to win a ballot; to draw a lucky number