winnow basket

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
畚箕 畚箕 ben3 ji1
a bamboo or wicker scoop; dustpan

簸箕 簸箕 bo4 ji1
wicker or bamboo winnowing basket; dustpan

扶箕 扶箕 fu2 ji1
planchette writing (for taking dictation from beyond the grave); Ouija board

箕子 箕子 ji1 zi3
Jizi, legendary sage from end of Shang dynasty (c. 1100 BC), said to have opposed the tyrant Zhòu 紂|纣 then ruled ancient Korea for Zhōu 周

克绍箕裘 克紹箕裘 ke4 shao4 ji1 qiu2
to follow in one's father's footsteps

南箕北斗 南箕北斗 nan2 ji1 bei3 dou3
the Winnowing Basket in the southern sky, and the Big Dipper in the north (idiom); sth which, despite its name, is of no practical use

筲箕 筲箕 shao1 ji1
bamboo basket for rice-washing