chest; box; trunk; suitcase; portfolio

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
翻箱倒箧 翻箱倒篋 fan1 xiang1 dao3 qie4
to overturn trunks and boxes; to make a thorough search (idiom)

鼓箧 鼓篋 gu3 qie4
beginning-school ceremony (old usage); classical learning

筐箧 筐篋 kuang1 qie4
rectangular box or chest

筐箧中物 筐篋中物 kuang1 qie4 zhong1 wu4
a commonplace thing

箧箧 篋篋 qie4 qie4
long and thin; slender

箧笥 篋笥 qie4 si4
bamboo box for holding books, clothes etc

箧衍 篋衍 qie4 yan3
bamboo box

倾箱倒箧 傾箱倒篋 qing1 xiang1 dao3 qie4
to exhaust all one has; to leave no stone unturned; to try one's best

胠箧 胠篋 qu1 qie4
to steal; to pilfer

胠箧者流 胠篋者流 qu1 qie4 zhe3 liu2
thieves; pilferers

书箧 書篋 shu1 qie4

藤箧 藤篋 teng2 qie4
wicker suitcase

箱箧 箱篋 xiang1 qie4
box; chest

行箧 行篋 xing2 qie4
traveling suitcase

盈箱累箧 盈箱累篋 ying2 xiang1 lei3 qie4
to fill boxes and baskets to the brim (with treasures)