serious (illness); sincere; true

strokes 16
strokes after radical 10
本笃·十六世 本篤·十六世 ben3 du3 - shi2 liu4 shi4
Pope Benedict XVI; Joseph Alois Ratzinger (1927-), pope 2005-2013

病笃 病篤 bing4 du3
critically ill; on one's deathbed

诚笃 誠篤 cheng2 du3
honest; sincere and serious

笃爱 篤愛 du3 ai4
to love deeply; devoted to sb

笃病 篤病 du3 bing4
seriously ill; critical

笃定 篤定 du3 ding4
certain; confident (of some outcome); calm and unhurried

笃厚 篤厚 du3 hou4
honest and generous; magnanimous

笃实 篤實 du3 shi2
loyal; sincere; sound

笃守 篤守 du3 shou3
to comply faithfully; sincerely abiding by

笃信 篤信 du3 xin4
to believe firmly; devout in one's faith

笃信好学 篤信好學 du3 xin4 hao4 xue2
sincere belief and diligent study

笃行 篤行 du3 xing2
to carry out (obligation) conscientiously; to behave sincerely

笃学 篤學 du3 xue2
studious; diligent in study

笃志 篤志 du3 zhi4
steadfast; with single-minded devotion

笃挚 篤摯 du3 zhi4
sincere (in friendship); cordial

笃专 篤專 du3 zhuan1
with undivided attention

杜笃玛 杜篤瑪 du4 du3 ma3
Dodoma, capital of Tanzania (Tw)

危笃 危篤 wei1 du3
deathly ill