crowded; framework for silkworms; gather foliage; bunch; classifier for bunched objects

strokes 17
strokes after radical 11
簇茎石竹 簇莖石竹 cu4 jing1 shi2 zhu2
boreal carnation or northern pink; Dianthus repens (botany)

簇射 簇射 cu4 she4
shower (radiation, particle, etc)

簇新 簇新 cu4 xin1
brand-new; spanking new

簇拥 簇擁 cu4 yong1
to crowd around; to escort

攒簇 攢簇 cuan2 cu4
to gather closely together

代数簇 代數簇 dai4 shu4 cu4
algebraic variety (math.)

高维代数簇 高維代數簇 gao1 wei2 dai4 shu4 cu4
(math.) higher dimensional algebraic variety

花簇 花簇 hua1 cu4
bunch of flowers; bouquet

花团锦簇 花團錦簇 hua1 tuan2 jin3 cu4
brightly colored decorations (idiom); splendid

决定簇 決定簇 jue2 ding4 cu4
determinant (causing immunological response); epitope

抗原决定簇 抗原決定簇 kang4 yuan2 jue2 ding4 cu4
antigen determinant (causing immunological response); epitope