metallic reed; spring of lock

strokes 17
strokes after radical 12
绷簧 繃簧 beng1 huang2

叉簧 叉簧 cha1 huang2
switch hook (button or cradle of a telephone, whose function is to disconnect the call)

唱双簧 唱雙簧 chang4 shuang1 huang2
lit. to sing a duet; fig. to collaborate with sb; also used satirically: to play second fiddle to

单簧管 單簧管 dan1 huang2 guan3

二簧 二簧 er4 huang2
variant of 二黃|二黄

簧风琴 簧風琴 huang2 feng1 qin2

簧管 簧管 huang2 guan3
reed pipe

簧片 簧片 huang2 pian4
reed (music)

簧舌 簧舌 huang2 she2
the lip or vibrating end of a reed in a wind instrument

箜簧 箜簧 kong1 huang2
old reed wind instrument; (possibly used erroneously for konghou 箜篌 harp or 笙簧 sheng)

口簧 口簧 kou3 huang2
Jew's harp

口簧琴 口簧琴 kou3 huang2 qin2
Jew's harp

巧舌如簧 巧舌如簧 qiao3 she2 ru2 huang2
lit. to have a tongue like a reed (idiom); fig. to have a glib tongue

如簧之舌 如簧之舌 ru2 huang2 zhi1 she2
lit. a tongue like a reed (idiom); fig. a glib tongue

笙簧 笙簧 sheng1 huang2
reeds of a panpipe

双簧 雙簧 shuang1 huang2
a form or theatrical double act, popular since Qing times, with one player seated stage front and acting out the poem or song of the second player hidden at the back (also written 雙黄|双黄); double reed (as used in oboe or bassoon); an oboe or bassoon

双簧管 雙簧管 shuang1 huang2 guan3
double reed wind instrument (such as oboe or bassoon)

弹簧 彈簧 tan2 huang2

弹簧秤 彈簧秤 tan2 huang2 cheng4
spring balance

弹簧刀 彈簧刀 tan2 huang2 dao1
flick knife; switchblade; spring-loaded knife

弹簧垫圈 彈簧墊圈 tan2 huang2 dian4 quan1
spring washer

弹簧门 彈簧門 tan2 huang2 men2
swing door

弹簧锁 彈簧鎖 tan2 huang2 suo3
spring lock