hanging screen or curtain

strokes 19
strokes after radical 13
窗帘 窗簾 chuang1 lian2
window curtains

垂帘听政 垂簾聽政 chui2 lian2 ting1 zheng4
lit. to govern from behind the curtain; to rule in place of the emperor (idiom)

卷帘门 卷簾門 juan3 lian2 men2
roll-up door

帘布 簾布 lian2 bu4
cord fabric used in vehicle tires

帘幕 簾幕 lian2 mu4
hanging screen; curtain over shop door (for privacy and serving as advertisement)

帘子 簾子 lian2 zi5

水帘洞 水簾洞 shui3 lian2 dong4
cave with a waterfall at its mouth

眼帘 眼簾 yan3 lian2
eyes (in literature); eyesight

浴帘 浴簾 yu4 lian2
shower curtain

帐帘 帳簾 zhang4 lian2