basket; cage; flat bamboo basket used to serve dimsum 點心|点心; to cover; to cage; to embrace; to manipulate through trickery

to cover; to cage; covering; also pr.

strokes 22
strokes after radical 16
出笼 出籠 chu1 long2
just out of the steamer basket 蒸籠|蒸笼; to appear (of products, publications, sometimes derog., "lots of shoddy material is appearing nowadays")

大红灯笼高高挂 大紅燈籠高高掛 da4 hong2 deng1 long2 gao1 gao1 gua4
Raise the Red Lantern (1991), movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋

灯笼 燈籠 deng1 long2

灯笼果 燈籠果 deng1 long2 guo3
cape gooseberry; Peruvian ground-cherry; Physalis peruviana

灯笼花 燈籠花 deng1 long2 hua1
Chinese enkianthus

灯笼裤 燈籠褲 deng1 long2 ku4
bloomers; plus fours; knickerbockers

灯笼鱼 燈籠魚 deng1 long2 yu2
lantern fish

樊笼 樊籠 fan2 long2
bird cage; (fig.) prison; confinement

罐笼 罐籠 guan4 long2
elevator cage (in mine)

蝈蝈笼 蟈蟈籠 guo1 guo1 long2
cage for singing cicada

烘笼 烘籠 hong1 long2
bamboo drying frame

烘笼儿 烘籠兒 hong1 long2 er5
bamboo drying frame

回笼 回籠 hui2 long2
to steam again; to rewarm food in a bamboo steamer; to withdraw currency from circulation

槛花笼鹤 檻花籠鶴 jian4 hua1 long2 he4
a flower in a cage, a crane in a basket (idiom); prisoner

牢笼 牢籠 lao2 long2
cage; trap (e.g. basket, pit or snare for catching animals); fig. bonds (of wrong ideas); shackles (of past misconceptions); to trap; to shackle

笼槛 籠檻 long2 jian4
cage (for animals)

笼鸟 籠鳥 long2 niao3
a caged bird

笼鸟槛猿 籠鳥檻猿 long2 niao3 jian4 yuan2
bird in a basket, monkey in a cage (idiom); prisoner

笼屉 籠屜 long2 ti4
bamboo steamer (for buns or dimsum)

笼头 籠頭 long2 tou5
headstall; bridle

笼子 籠子 long2 zi5
cage; coop; basket; container

笼嘴 籠嘴 long2 zui3
muzzle (device)

笼络 籠絡 long3 luo4
to coax; to beguile; to win over

笼统 籠統 long3 tong3
general; broad; sweeping; lacking in detail; vague

笼罩 籠罩 long3 zhao4
to envelop; to shroud

鸟笼 鳥籠 niao3 long2

气笼 氣籠 qi4 long2
air pipe; bamboo air pipe used to aerate granary

身陷牢笼 身陷牢籠 shen1 xian4 lao2 long2
fallen into a trap

睡回笼觉 睡回籠覺 shui4 hui2 long2 jiao4
to go back to sleep (instead of rising up in the morning); to sleep in

陷入牢笼 陷入牢籠 xian4 ru4 lao2 long2
to fall into a trap; ensnared

小笼包 小籠包 xiao3 long2 bao1
steamed dumpling

小笼汤包 小籠湯包 xiao3 long2 tang1 bao1
steamed soup dumpling

渔笼 漁籠 yu2 long2
fishing pot (trap)

蒸笼 蒸籠 zheng1 long2
steamer basket (e.g. for dimsum)