manure; dung

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
扒粪 扒糞 ba1 fen4
muckraking; to stir up scandal; to expose (corruption)

尝粪 嘗糞 chang2 fen4
to taste a patient's excrement (a form of medical examination, seen as an act of loyalty or filial piety); to suck up to sb; to kiss ass

大粪 大糞 da4 fen4
human excrement; night soil (human manure traditionally used as agricultural fertilizer)

倒粪 倒糞 dao4 fen4
to turn over manure; fig. to offend others by endlessly repeating unpleasant remarks

粪便 糞便 fen4 bian4
excrement; feces; night soil

粪草 糞草 fen4 cao3
trash; garbage

粪除 糞除 fen4 chu2
(literary) to clean up

粪凼 糞凼 fen4 dang4
cesspool; cesspit

粪道 糞道 fen4 dao4
coprodeum (in birds)

粪肥 糞肥 fen4 fei2
manure; dung

粪金龟 糞金龜 fen4 jin1 gui1
dung beetle

粪金龟子 糞金龜子 fen4 jin1 gui1 zi3
dung beetle

粪尿 糞尿 fen4 niao4

粪耙 糞耙 fen4 pa2
manure rake

粪青 糞青 fen4 qing1
shit youth; used satirically against 憤青|愤青 which shares the same sound; see also 憤青|愤青

粪蛆 糞蛆 fen4 qu1

粪土 糞土 fen4 tu3
dirty soil; dung; muck

化粪池 化糞池 hua4 fen4 chi2
septic tank

马粪纸 馬糞紙 ma3 fen4 zhi3

满嘴喷粪 滿嘴噴糞 man3 zui3 pen1 fen4
to talk bullshit

鸟粪 鳥糞 niao3 fen4
guano; bird excrement

喷粪 噴糞 pen1 fen4
to talk crap; to be full of shit

牲畜粪 牲畜糞 sheng1 chu4 fen4
animal manure

视如粪土 視如糞土 shi4 ru2 fen4 tu3
to look upon as dirt; considered worthless

胎粪 胎糞 tai1 fen4

鲜花插在牛粪上 鮮花插在牛糞上 xian1 hua1 cha1 zai4 niu2 fen4 shang4
lit. a bunch of flowers poked into a pile of manure; fig. a terrible shame (as when a lovely woman marries an odious man)