grain; food; provisions; agricultural tax paid in grain

strokes 18
strokes after radical 12
兵精粮足 兵精糧足 bing1 jing1 liang2 zu2
elite soldiers, ample provisions (idiom); well-prepared forces; preparations for war are in an advanced state

兵马未动,粮草先行 兵馬未動,糧草先行 bing1 ma3 wei4 dong4 - liang2 cao3 xian1 xing2
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers; an army marches on its stomach

产粮 產糧 chan3 liang2
to grow crops; food growing

产粮大省 產糧大省 chan3 liang2 da4 sheng3
major agricultural province

产粮区 產糧區 chan3 liang2 qu1
food growing area

吃皇粮 吃皇糧 chi1 huang2 liang2
lit. to eat from government coffers; to serve as a government employee; to live off government money

吃粮不管事 吃糧不管事 chi1 liang2 bu4 guan3 shi4
to eat without working (idiom); to take one's pay and not care about the rest

出粮 出糧 chu1 liang2
(dialect) to pay salary

刍粮 芻糧 chu2 liang2
army provisions

储备粮 儲備糧 chu3 bei4 liang2
grain reserves

粗粮 粗糧 cu1 liang2
coarse grains (maize, sorghum etc)

弹尽粮绝 彈盡糧絕 dan4 jin4 liang2 jue2
out of ammunition and no food left (idiom); in desperate straits

断粮 斷糧 duan4 liang2
to run out of food

返销粮 返銷糧 fan3 xiao1 liang2
grain bought by the state and resold to areas undergoing a grain shortage

干粮 乾糧 gan1 liang2
rations (to take on expedition)

干粮袋 乾糧袋 gan4 liang2 dai4
knapsack (for provisions); haversack

公粮 公糧 gong1 liang2
tax paid in grain

狗粮 狗糧 gou3 liang2
dog food; (Internet slang) public display of affection (term used by singles 單身狗|单身狗 forced to "eat" it)

皇粮 皇糧 huang2 liang2
lit. imperial funding for troops; funds or items supplied by the government

积草屯粮 積草屯糧 ji1 cao3 tun2 liang2
to store up provisions against a war

交粮本 交糧本 jiao1 liang2 ben3
to hand in one's ration cards; to die

精粮 精糧 jing1 liang2
refined grain (rice, wheat etc)

救济粮 救濟糧 jiu4 ji4 liang2
relief grain; emergency provisions

绝粮 絕糧 jue2 liang2
provisions are exhausted; out of food

军粮 軍糧 jun1 liang2
army provisions

口粮 口糧 kou3 liang2

联合国粮农组织 聯合國糧農組織 lian2 he2 guo2 liang2 nong2 zu3 zhi1
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

粮仓 糧倉 liang2 cang1
granary; barn; fig. bread basket (of fertile agricultural land)

粮草 糧草 liang2 cao3
army provisions; rations and fodder

粮道 糧道 liang2 dao4
route for providing foodstuff

粮店 糧店 liang2 dian4
grain store

粮行 糧行 liang2 hang2
grain retailer (in former times)

粮荒 糧荒 liang2 huang1
famine; critical shortage of grain

粮库 糧庫 liang2 ku4
grain depot

粮秣 糧秣 liang2 mo4
provisions (e.g. military); forage; fodder

粮农 糧農 liang2 nong2
food and agriculture; grain farmer

粮票 糧票 liang2 piao4
coupons for food or grain used in a PRC economic program c. 1955-1993

粮食 糧食 liang2 shi5
foodstuff; cereals

粮食作物 糧食作物 liang2 shi5 zuo4 wu4
grain crops; cereals

粮饷 糧餉 liang2 xiang3
army provisions

粮栈 糧棧 liang2 zhan4
wholesale grain store

粮站 糧站 liang2 zhan4
grain supply station

纳粮 納糧 na4 liang2
to pay taxes in kind (rice, cloth etc)

钱粮 錢糧 qian2 liang2
land tax; money and grain (given as tax or tribute)

秋粮 秋糧 qiu1 liang2
autumn grain crops

糗粮 糗糧 qiu3 liang2
dry rations

缺粮 缺糧 que1 liang2
to lack food supplies

食粮 食糧 shi2 liang2
food cereals

世界粮食署 世界糧食署 shi4 jie4 liang2 shi5 shu3
World food program (United Nations aid agency)

五粮液 五糧液 wu3 liang2 ye4
Wuliangye liquor; Five Grain liquor

寅吃卯粮 寅吃卯糧 yin2 chi1 mao3 liang2
lit. eating away next year's food in advance; fig. to dip into the next month's check; live now, pay later

寅支卯粮 寅支卯糧 yin2 zhi1 mao3 liang2
see 寅吃卯糧|寅吃卯粮

余粮 餘糧 yu2 liang2
surplus grain

杂粮 雜糧 za2 liang2
grain crops other than rice and wheat