to tie; to bind; classifier for flowers, banknotes etc: bundle; Taiwan pr.

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
安营扎寨 安營紮寨 an1 ying2 zha1 zhai4
to set up camp; Taiwan pr.

绑扎 綁紮 bang3 za1
to bind; to wrap up; binding (computer science)

包扎 包紮 bao1 za1
to wrap up; to pack; to bind up (a wound)

卡尔扎伊 卡爾紮伊 ka3 er3 za1 yi1
Hamid Karzai (1957-), Afghan politician, president 2004-2014

扎马剌丁 紮馬剌丁 za1 ma3 la2 ding1
Jamal al-Din ibn Muhammad al-Najjari (13th century), famous Persian astronomer and scholar who served Khubilai Khan 忽必烈 from c. 1260

扎马鲁丁 紮馬魯丁 za1 ma3 lu3 ding1
see 紮馬剌丁|扎马剌丁

扎欧扎翁 紮歐紮翁 za1 ou1 za1 weng1
name of village in Nyima county, Nagchu prefecture, Tibet

扎线带 紮線帶 za1 xian4 dai4
cable ties; zip ties

扎营 紮營 zha1 ying2
to camp; to pitch camp; stationed; quartered; Taiwan pr.

扎寨 紮寨 zha1 zhai4
to set up an encampment

扎实 紮實 zha2 shi5
see 扎實|扎实

驻扎 駐紮 zhu4 zha1
to station; to garrison (troops)