(of a plant) to produce (fruit or seeds); Taiwan pr.

knot; sturdy; bond; to tie; to bind; to check out (of a hotel)

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
巴巴结结 巴巴結結 ba1 ba1 jie1 jie1
to manage with difficulty; only just getting by; in a difficult position

巴结 巴結 ba1 jie5
to fawn on; to curry favor with; to make up to

百般巴结 百般巴結 bai3 ban1 ba1 jie2
to flatter someone in a hundred different ways; assiduous fawning (idiom)

板结 板結 ban3 jie2
soil crusting

必然结果 必然結果 bi4 ran2 jie2 guo3
inevitable outcome; inescapable consequence

编结 編結 bian1 jie2
to weave; to plait

编结业 編結業 bian1 jie2 ye4
weaving industry

兵连祸结 兵連禍結 bing1 lian2 huo4 jie2
ravaged by successive wars; war-torn; war-ridden

不结果 不結果 bu4 jie2 guo3

不结盟 不結盟 bu4 jie2 meng2

不结盟运动 不結盟運動 bu4 jie2 meng2 yun4 dong4
Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

缠结 纏結 chan2 jie2
to coil around; knot; to entangle

产品结构 產品結構 chan3 pin3 jie2 gou4
product mix

超联结 超聯結 chao1 lian2 jie2

超连结 超連結 chao1 lian2 jie2

瞠目结舌 瞠目結舌 cheng1 mu4 jie2 she2
stupefied; flabbergasted

成群结队 成群結隊 cheng2 qun2 jie2 dui4
making up a group, forming a troupe (idiom); in large numbers; as a large crowd

重结晶 重結晶 chong2 jie2 jing1
to recrystallize

愁肠百结 愁腸百結 chou2 chang2 bai3 jie2
hundred knots of worry in one's intestines (idiom); weighed down with anxiety

词素结构 詞素結構 ci2 su4 jie2 gou4
morphological structure

错觉结合 錯覺結合 cuo4 jue2 jie2 he2
illusory conjunction

打结 打結 da3 jie2
to tie a knot; to tie

大便秘结 大便祕結 da4 bian4 mi4 jie2

代数结构 代數結構 dai4 shu4 jie2 gou4
algebraic structure

胆结石 膽結石 dan3 jie2 shi2

缔结 締結 di4 jie2
to conclude (an agreement)

调查结果 調查結果 diao4 cha2 jie2 guo3
results (of an investigation, poll)

定结 定結 ding4 jie2
Dinggyê county, Tibetan: Gding skyes rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet

定结县 定結縣 ding4 jie2 xian4
Dinggyê county, Tibetan: Gding skyes rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet

动词结构 動詞結構 dong4 ci2 jie2 gou4
verbal construction (clause)

冻结 凍結 dong4 jie2
to freeze (loan, wage, price etc)

多重结局 多重結局 duo1 chong2 jie2 ju2
alternate ending; multiple endings

俄底浦斯情结 俄底浦斯情結 e2 di3 pu3 si1 qing2 jie2
Oedipus complex

肺结核 肺結核 fei4 jie2 he2
tuberculosis; TB

肺结核病 肺結核病 fei4 jie2 he2 bing4
tuberculosis, TB

分布式结构 分佈式結構 fen1 bu4 shi4 jie2 gou4
distributed architecture

勾结 勾結 gou1 jie2
to collude with; to collaborate with; to gang up with

广结良缘 廣結良緣 guang3 jie2 liang2 yuan2
to earn people's praise through one's good deeds (idiom)

归根结底 歸根結底 gui1 gen1 jie2 di3
in the final analysis; ultimately

归根结柢 歸根結柢 gui1 gen1 jie2 di3
variant of 歸根結底|归根结底

归根结蒂 歸根結蒂 gui1 gen1 jie2 di4
ultimately; in the final analysis; after all; when all is said and done

归结 歸結 gui1 jie2
to sum up; to conclude; in a nutshell; the end (of a story)

核结构 核結構 he2 jie2 gou4
nuclear structure

横结肠 橫結腸 heng2 jie2 chang2
transverse colon (anatomy); second section of large intestine

喉结 喉結 hou2 jie2
Adam's apple; laryngeal prominence

蝴蝶结 蝴蝶結 hu2 die2 jie2
bow; bowknot

花结 花結 hua1 jie2
decorative bow of ribbon or fabric

环形结构 環形結構 huan2 xing2 jie2 gou4
ring configuration

活结 活結 huo2 jie2
a slip-knot; a noose

基础结构 基礎結構 ji1 chu3 jie2 gou4

集结 集結 ji2 jie2
to assemble; to concentrate; to mass; to build up; to marshal

降结肠 降結腸 jiang4 jie2 chang2
descending colon (anatomy); third section of large intestine

交结 交結 jiao1 jie2
to associate with; to mix with; to connect

胶结 膠結 jiao1 jie2
to glue; to cement; a bond

结巴 結巴 jie1 ba5
to stutter

结出 結出 jie1 chu1
to bear (fruit)

结果 結果 jie1 guo3
to bear fruit

结结巴巴 結結巴巴 jie1 jie1 ba1 ba5

结实 結實 jie1 shi2
to bear fruit

结实 結實 jie1 shi5
rugged; sturdy; strong; durable; buff (physique)

结子 結子 jie1 zi3
to bear seeds (of plant)

结案 結案 jie2 an4
to conclude a case; to wind up

结疤 結疤 jie2 ba1
to form a scar; to form a scab

结拜 結拜 jie2 bai4
to become sworn brothers or sisters; sworn (brothers)

结伴 結伴 jie2 ban4
to go with sb; to form companionships

结伴而行 結伴而行 jie2 ban4 er2 xing2
to stay together (of a group); to keep together

结冰 結冰 jie2 bing1
to freeze

结彩 結彩 jie2 cai3
to adorn; to festoon

结草 結草 jie2 cao3
deep gratitude up to death

结草衔环 結草銜環 jie2 cao3 xian2 huan2
to repay sb's kind acts (idiom)

结肠 結腸 jie2 chang2
colon (large intestine)

结肠镜检查 結腸鏡檢查 jie2 chang2 jing4 jian3 cha2

结肠炎 結腸炎 jie2 chang2 yan2
colitis (medicine)

结成 結成 jie2 cheng2
to form; to forge (alliances etc)

结仇 結仇 jie2 chou2
to start a feud; to become enemies

结存 結存 jie2 cun2
balance; cash in hand

结单 結單 jie2 dan1
statement of account

结党 結黨 jie2 dang3
to form a clique

结党营私 結黨營私 jie2 dang3 ying2 si1
to gang up for personal interest (idiom); to form a clique

结缔组织 結締組織 jie2 di4 zu3 zhi1
connective tissue

结点 結點 jie2 dian3
joint; node

结队 結隊 jie2 dui4
to troop (of soldiers etc); convoy

结队成群 結隊成群 jie2 dui4 cheng2 qun2
to form a large group (idiom)

结对子 結對子 jie2 dui4 zi3
to form pairs; to twin

结发 結髮 jie2 fa4
(in former times) to bind one's hair on coming of age

结恭 結恭 jie2 gong1
to be constipated (euphemism)

结构 結構 jie2 gou4
structure; composition; makeup; architecture

结构理论 結構理論 jie2 gou4 li3 lun4
structural theory (physics)

结构式 結構式 jie2 gou4 shi4
structural formula (chemistry)

结构主义 結構主義 jie2 gou4 zhu3 yi4

结构助词 結構助詞 jie2 gou4 zhu4 ci2
structural particle, such as 的, 地, 得 and 所

结果 結果 jie2 guo3
outcome; result; conclusion; in the end; as a result; to kill; to dispatch

结合 結合 jie2 he2
to combine; to link; to integrate; binding

结核 結核 jie2 he2
tuberculosis; consumption; nodule

结核病 結核病 jie2 he2 bing4

结核杆菌 結核桿菌 jie2 he2 gan3 jun1
tubercle bacillus

结合过程 結合過程 jie2 he2 guo4 cheng2
cohesive process(es)

结核菌素 結核菌素 jie2 he2 jun1 su4
tubercule bacillus

结合律 結合律 jie2 he2 lv4
associative law (xy)z = x(yz) (math.)

结合模型 結合模型 jie2 he2 mo2 xing2
combination model

结喉 結喉 jie2 hou2
see 喉結|喉结

结欢 結歡 jie2 huan1
on friendly terms

结汇 結匯 jie2 hui4
foreign exchange settlement

结婚 結婚 jie2 hun1
to marry; to get married

结婚纪念日 結婚紀念日 jie2 hun1 ji4 nian4 ri4
wedding anniversary

结婚证 結婚證 jie2 hun1 zheng4
marriage certificate

结伙 結伙 jie2 huo3
to form a gang

结记 結記 jie2 ji4
to remember; to concern oneself with

结痂 結痂 jie2 jia1
scab; to form a scab

结交 結交 jie2 jiao1
to make friends with

结节 結節 jie2 jie2
nodule; tubercle

结晶 結晶 jie2 jing1
to crystallize; crystallization; crystal; crystalline; (fig.) the fruit (of labor etc)

结晶水 結晶水 jie2 jing1 shui3
water of crystallization

结晶体 結晶體 jie2 jing1 ti3
a crystal

结晶学 結晶學 jie2 jing1 xue2

结晶状 結晶狀 jie2 jing1 zhuang4

结局 結局 jie2 ju2
conclusion; ending

结壳 結殼 jie2 ke2
crust; crusting; incrustation

结了 結了 jie2 le5
that's that; that's it; that will do

结褵 結褵 jie2 li2
to marry; to tie the bridal veil

结缡 結縭 jie2 li2
to marry; to tie the bridal veil

结连 結連 jie2 lian2
linked in a chain

结梁子 結梁子 jie2 liang2 zi5
(slang) to start a feud; to have a beef

结庐 結廬 jie2 lu2
to build one's house

结论 結論 jie2 lun4
conclusion; verdict; to conclude; to reach a verdict

结脉 結脈 jie2 mai4
knotted or slow pulse (TCM)

结盟 結盟 jie2 meng2
to form an alliance; to ally oneself with; allied with; aligned; to bond with

结膜 結膜 jie2 mo2
conjunctiva (membrane surrounding the eyeball)

结膜炎 結膜炎 jie2 mo2 yan2

结末 結末 jie2 mo4
ending; finally

结幕 結幕 jie2 mu4
final scene (of a play); denouement

结纳 結納 jie2 na4
to make friends; to form friendship

结亲 結親 jie2 qin1
to marry

结清 結清 jie2 qing1
to settle (an account); to square up

结球甘蓝 結球甘藍 jie2 qiu2 gan1 lan2

结舌 結舌 jie2 she2
tongue-tied; unable to speak (out of surprise, embarrassment etc)

结社自由 結社自由 jie2 she4 zi4 you2
(constitutional) freedom of association

结识 結識 jie2 shi2
to get to know sb; to meet sb for the first time

结石 結石 jie2 shi2
calculus; stone

结束 結束 jie2 shu4
termination; to finish; to end; to conclude; to close

结束工作 結束工作 jie2 shu4 gong1 zuo4
to finish work

结束语 結束語 jie2 shu4 yu3
concluding remarks

结算 結算 jie2 suan4
to settle a bill; to close an account

结算方式 結算方式 jie2 suan4 fang1 shi4
settlement terms (accountancy, law)

结尾 結尾 jie2 wei3
ending; coda; to wind up

结业 結業 jie2 ye4
to finish school, esp. a short course; to complete a course

结义 結義 jie2 yi4
to swear brotherhood

结缨 結纓 jie2 ying1
to die a hero; martyrdom in a good cause

结余 結餘 jie2 yu2
balance; cash surplus

结语 結語 jie2 yu3
concluding remarks

结缘 結緣 jie2 yuan2
to form ties; to become attached (to sb, sth)

结怨 結怨 jie2 yuan4
to arouse dislike; to incur hatred

结扎 結扎 jie2 za1
ligation (medicine)

结帐 結帳 jie2 zhang4
to pay the bill; to settle accounts; also written 結賬|结账

结账 結賬 jie2 zhang4
to pay the bill; to settle accounts; also written 結帳|结帐

结子 結子 jie2 zi5
knot (on a rope or string)

晶体结构 晶體結構 jing1 ti3 jie2 gou4
crystal structure

纠结 糾結 jiu1 jie2
to intertwine; to band together (with); to link up (with); twisted; tangled; confused; to be at a loss

局部连结网络 局部連結網絡 ju2 bu4 lian2 jie2 wang3 luo4
local connectionist network

具结 具結 ju4 jie2
to bind over (as surety); to sign an undertaking

抗震结构 抗震結構 kang4 zhen4 jie2 gou4
earthquake resistant construction

可结合性 可結合性 ke3 jie2 he2 xing4
associativity (xy)z = x(yz) (math.)

客户服务器结构 客戶服務器結構 ke4 hu4 fu2 wu4 qi4 jie2 gou4
client server architecture

劳逸结合 勞逸結合 lao2 yi4 jie2 he2
to strike a balance between work and rest (idiom)

联结 聯結 lian2 jie2
to bind; to tie; to link

连结 連結 lian2 jie2
variant of 聯結|联结

连结线 連結線 lian2 jie2 xian4
tie (music)

联结主义 聯結主義 lian2 jie2 zhu3 yi4

连结主义 連結主義 lian2 jie2 zhu3 yi4

链结 鏈結 lian4 jie2

恋旧情结 戀舊情結 lian4 jiu4 qing2 jie2
dwelling on the past; difficulty in adapting to changes

恋母情结 戀母情結 lian4 mu3 qing2 jie2
Oedipus complex

了结 了結 liao3 jie2
to settle; to finish; to conclude; to wind up

淋巴结 淋巴結 lin2 ba1 jie2
lymphatic node; lymph gland

临渊羡鱼,不如退而结网 臨淵羨魚,不如退而結網 lin2 yuan1 xian4 yu2 - bu4 ru2 tui4 er2 jie2 wang3
better to go home and weave a net than to stand by the pond longing for fish (idiom); one should take practical steps to achieve one's aim

领结 領結 ling3 jie2
bow tie; loop of a necktie; lavaliere

锰结核 錳結核 meng3 jie2 he2
manganese nodule

秘结 祕結 mi4 jie2

民族团结 民族團結 min2 zu2 tuan2 jie2
national unity

粘结 粘結 nian2 jie2
to cohere; to bind

黏结 黏結 nian2 jie2
to cohere; to bind

凝结 凝結 ning2 jie2
to condense; to solidify; to coagulate; clot (of blood)

扭结 扭結 niu3 jie2
to tangle up; to twist together; to wind

攀高结贵 攀高結貴 pan1 gao1 jie2 gui4
lit. to cling to the high, connect to the rich (idiom); to try to attach oneself to the rich and powerful; social climbing

凭轼结辙 憑軾結轍 ping2 shi4 jie2 zhe2
to drive non-stop as fast as one can (idiom)

切结书 切結書 qie4 jie2 shu1
affidavit; written pledge

情结 情結 qing2 jie2
complex (psychology)

琼结 瓊結 qiong2 jie2
Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet

穷结 窮結 qiong2 jie2
variant of 瓊結|琼结, Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet

穷结县 窮結縣 qiong2 jie2 xian4
variant of 瓊結縣|琼结县, Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet

琼结县 瓊結縣 qiong2 jie2 xian4
Qonggyai county, Tibetan: 'Phyongs rgyas rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地區|山南地区, Tibet

闪电式结婚 閃電式結婚 shan3 dian4 shi4 jie2 hun1
lightning wedding; to get married on the spur of the moment; abbr. to 閃婚|闪婚

烧结 燒結 shao1 jie2
to sinter; to agglomerate ore by burning

审结 審結 shen3 jie2
to adjudicate; to finish a trial; to try and pass verdict

肾结石 腎結石 shen4 jie2 shi2
kidney stone

升结肠 升結腸 sheng1 jie2 chang2
ascending colon (anatomy); first section of large intestine

绳结 繩結 sheng2 jie2

死结 死結 si3 jie2
tight knot; intractable problem

死结难解 死結難解 si3 jie2 nan2 jie3
enigmatic knot hard to untie (idiom); thorny problem; intractable difficulty

髓结 髓結 sui3 jie2
pith knot (in timber)

桃园结义 桃園結義 tao2 yuan2 jie2 yi4
to make a pact of brotherhood (from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” 三國演義|三国演义) (idiom)

桃园三结义 桃園三結義 tao2 yuan2 san1 jie2 yi4
Oath of the Peach Garden, sworn by Liu Bei 劉備|刘备, Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞 and Guan Yu 關羽|关羽 at the start of the Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义

套结 套結 tao4 jie2
a noose

统计结果 統計結果 tong3 ji4 jie2 guo3
statistical results

土洋结合 土洋結合 tu3 yang2 jie2 he2
combining native and foreign methods (idiom); sophisticated and many-sided

团结 團結 tuan2 jie2
to unite; unity; solidarity; united

团结工会 團結工會 tuan2 jie2 gong1 hui4
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

团结就是力量 團結就是力量 tuan2 jie2 jiu4 shi4 li4 liang5
unity is strength (revolutionary slogan and popular song of 1943)

拓扑结构 拓撲結構 tuo4 pu1 jie2 gou4
topological structure

完结 完結 wan2 jie2
to finish; to conclude; completed

围护结构 圍護結構 wei2 hu4 jie2 gou4
building envelope

未结束 未結束 wei4 jie2 shu4
unfinished; unresolved

五结 五結 wu3 jie2
Wujie or Wuchieh township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan

五结乡 五結鄉 wu3 jie2 xiang1
Wujie or Wuchieh township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan

物理结构 物理結構 wu4 li3 jie2 gou4
physical composition

喜结连理 喜結連理 xi3 jie2 lian2 li3
to tie the knot (idiom); to get married

小结 小結 xiao3 jie2
summary; short; brief; wrap-up

心结 心結 xin1 jie2
a matter that gnaws at one's mind; preoccupation; sore point; rancor

行将结束 行將結束 xing2 jiang1 jie2 shu4
approaching the end; about to conclude

血液凝结 血液凝結 xue4 ye4 ning2 jie2
blood clotting

以西结书 以西結書 yi3 xi1 jie2 shu1
Book of Ezekiel

乙状结肠 乙狀結腸 yi3 zhuang4 jie2 chang2
sigmoid colon (anatomy); bent colon, linking the descending colon to the rectum

义结金兰 義結金蘭 yi4 jie2 jin1 lan2
to be close friends

有结果 有結果 you3 jie2 guo3

郁结 鬱結 yu4 jie2
to suffer from pent-up frustrations; mental knot; emotional issue

冤家宜解不宜结 冤家宜解不宜結 yuan1 jia1 yi2 jie3 bu4 yi2 jie2
It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive (proverb)

蕴结 蘊結 yun4 jie2
latent (desire, feeling etc); bottled up

张灯结彩 張燈結彩 zhang1 deng1 jie2 cai3
to be decorated with lanterns and colored banners (idiom)

张口结舌 張口結舌 zhang1 kou3 jie2 she2
agape and tongue-tied (idiom); at a loss for words; gaping and speechless

症结 癥結 zheng1 jie2
hard lump in the abdomen (in Chinese medicine); crux of an issue; main point in an argument; sticking point; deadlock in negotiations

终结 終結 zhong1 jie2
end; conclusion; to come to an end; to terminate (sth)

中西医结合 中西醫結合 zhong1 xi1 yi1 jie2 he2
to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine

主谓结构 主謂結構 zhu3 wei4 jie2 gou4
subject-predicate construction

准稳旋涡结构 準穩旋渦結構 zhun3 wen3 xuan2 wo1 jie2 gou4
quasi-stationary spiral structure QSSS (astrophysics)

资料链结层 資料鏈結層 zi1 liao4 lian4 jie2 ceng2
data link layer

总结 總結 zong3 jie2
to sum up; to conclude; summary; résumé