to cut short; extinct; to disappear; to vanish; absolutely; by no means

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
避世绝俗 避世絕俗 bi4 shi4 jue2 su2
to withdraw from society and live like a hermit (idiom)

不绝 不絕 bu4 jue2
unending; uninterrupted

不绝如缕 不絕如縷 bu4 jue2 ru2 lv3
hanging by a thread; very precarious; almost extinct; (of sound) linger on faintly

不绝于耳 不絕於耳 bu4 jue2 yu2 er3
(of sound) to never stop; to fall incessantly on the ear; to linger on

不绝于途 不絕於途 bu4 jue2 yu2 tu2
to come and go in an incessant stream

惨绝人寰 慘絕人寰 can3 jue2 ren2 huan2
extremely tragic (idiom); with unprecedented brutality

超绝 超絕 chao1 jue2
surpassing; excelling; preeminent; unique

超群绝伦 超群絕倫 chao1 qun2 jue2 lun2
outstanding (idiom); incomparable

聪明绝顶 聰明絕頂 cong1 ming5 jue2 ding3
highly intelligent (idiom)

大绝灭 大絕滅 da4 jue2 mie4
mass extinction

大灭绝 大滅絕 da4 mie4 jue2
mass extinction

弹尽粮绝 彈盡糧絕 dan4 jin4 liang2 jue2
out of ammunition and no food left (idiom); in desperate straits

弹尽援绝 彈盡援絕 dan4 jin4 yuan2 jue2
out of ammunition and no hope of reinforcements (idiom); in desperate straits

杜绝 杜絕 du4 jue2
to put an end to

断港绝潢 斷港絕潢 duan4 gang3 jue2 huang2
to be unable to continue; to come to a dead end (idiom)

断绝 斷絕 duan4 jue2
to sever; to break off

恩断义绝 恩斷義絕 en1 duan4 yi4 jue2
to split up; to break all ties

分布式拒绝服务 分佈式拒絕服務 fen1 bu4 shi4 ju4 jue2 fu2 wu4
distributed denial of service (DDOS) form of Internet attack

风华绝代 風華絕代 feng1 hua2 jue2 dai4
magnificent style unmatched in his generation (idiom); peerless talent

赶尽杀绝 趕盡殺絕 gan3 jin4 sha1 jue2
to kill to the last one (idiom); to exterminate; to eradicate; ruthless

隔绝 隔絕 ge2 jue2
isolated (from the world); disconnected

根绝 根絕 gen1 jue2
to eradicate

孤绝 孤絕 gu1 jue2
isolated; solitary

荒谬绝伦 荒謬絕倫 huang1 miu4 jue2 lun2
absolutely ridiculous (idiom); preposterous; the height of folly

回绝 回絕 hui2 jue2
to rebuff; to refuse; to turn down

坚苦卓绝 堅苦卓絕 jian1 ku3 zhuo2 jue2
persisting despite trials and tribulations (idiom); conspicuous determination

戒绝 戒絕 jie4 jue2
abstinence; to give up (a bad habit)

禁绝 禁絕 jin4 jue2
to totally prohibit; to put an end to

拒绝 拒絕 ju4 jue2
to refuse; to decline; to reject

绝版 絕版 jue2 ban3
out of print

绝笔 絕筆 jue2 bi3
words written on one’s deathbed; an artist's final work; swansong

绝壁 絕壁 jue2 bi4

绝不 絕不 jue2 bu4
in no way; not in the least; absolutely not

绝产 絕產 jue2 chan3
crop failure; property left with no-one to inherit; sterilization

绝唱 絕唱 jue2 chang4
most perfect song

绝处逢生 絕處逢生 jue2 chu3 feng2 sheng1
to come back from death's door (idiom); unexpected rescue from danger; fig. to recover from a seemingly impossible situation; to find a way out of a predicament

绝大部分 絕大部分 jue2 da4 bu4 fen5
overwhelming majority

绝大多数 絕大多數 jue2 da4 duo1 shu4
absolute majority; overwhelming majority

绝代 絕代 jue2 dai4
peerless; unmatched in his generation; incomparable (talent, beauty)

绝代佳人 絕代佳人 jue2 dai4 jia1 ren2
beauty unmatched in her generation (idiom); woman of peerless elegance; prettiest girl ever

绝倒 絕倒 jue2 dao3
to split one's sides laughing

绝地 絕地 jue2 di4
danger spot; Jedi (in Star Wars)

绝顶聪明 絕頂聰明 jue2 ding3 cong1 ming5
extremely bright (idiom)

绝对 絕對 jue2 dui4
absolute; unconditional

绝对大多数 絕對大多數 jue2 dui4 da4 duo1 shu4
an absolute majority; an overwhelming majority

绝对地址 絕對地址 jue2 dui4 di4 zhi3
absolute address (computing)

绝对高度 絕對高度 jue2 dui4 gao1 du4
absolute temperature

绝对观念 絕對觀念 jue2 dui4 guan1 nian4
absolute idea (in Hegel's philosophy)

绝对连续 絕對連續 jue2 dui4 lian2 xu4
absolutely continuous (math)

绝对零度 絕對零度 jue2 dui4 ling2 du4
absolute zero

绝对权 絕對權 jue2 dui4 quan2
(law) absolute rights; erga omnes rights

绝对湿度 絕對濕度 jue2 dui4 shi1 du4
absolute humidity

绝对数字 絕對數字 jue2 dui4 shu4 zi4
absolute (as opposed to relative) number

绝对温度 絕對溫度 jue2 dui4 wen1 du4
absolute temperature

绝对值 絕對值 jue2 dui4 zhi2
absolute value

绝罚 絕罰 jue2 fa2
to excommunicate

绝非 絕非 jue2 fei1
absolutely not

绝活 絕活 jue2 huo2
specialty; unique skill

绝技 絕技 jue2 ji4
consummate skill; supreme feat; tour-de-force; stunt

绝迹 絕跡 jue2 ji4
to be eradicated; to vanish; extinct; to break off relations

绝佳 絕佳 jue2 jia1
exceptionally good

绝交 絕交 jue2 jiao1
to break off relations; to break with sb

绝经 絕經 jue2 jing1

绝景 絕景 jue2 jing3
stunning scenery

绝境 絕境 jue2 jing4
impasse; desperate straits; abbr. for 絕望的境地|绝望的境地

绝句 絕句 jue2 ju4
quatrain (poetic form)

决绝 決絕 jue2 jue2
to sever all relations with sb; determined; decisive

绝口不提 絕口不提 jue2 kou3 bu4 ti2
lips sealed and not saying anything (idiom); fig. to omit mention (of a non-person or embarrassing topic); to censor

绝了 絕了 jue2 le5
(slang) awesome; dope

绝粮 絕糧 jue2 liang2
provisions are exhausted; out of food

绝伦 絕倫 jue2 lun2
outstanding; peerless; beyond compare

绝门儿 絕門兒 jue2 men2 er5
extinct profession; lost trade; unique skill; astonishing; fantastic

绝密 絕密 jue2 mi4
top secret

绝密文件 絕密文件 jue2 mi4 wen2 jian4
top secret document; classified papers

绝妙 絕妙 jue2 miao4

绝灭 絕滅 jue2 mie4
to annihilate; to exterminate; extinction

绝命 絕命 jue2 ming4
to commit suicide; to have one's life cut short

绝命书 絕命書 jue2 ming4 shu1
suicide note

绝配 絕配 jue2 pei4
perfect match

绝品 絕品 jue2 pin3
peerless artwork; absolute gem

绝气 絕氣 jue2 qi4
to expire

绝情 絕情 jue2 qing2
heartless; without regard for others' feelings

绝然 絕然 jue2 ran2
completely; absolutely

绝热 絕熱 jue2 re4
to insulate thermally; (physics) adiabatic

绝热漆 絕熱漆 jue2 re4 qi1
heat-resistant paint

绝色 絕色 jue2 se4
(of a woman) remarkably beautiful; stunning

绝杀 絕殺 jue2 sha1
to deal the fatal blow (sports, chess etc); to score the winning point

绝食 絕食 jue2 shi2
to go on a hunger strike

绝食抗议 絕食抗議 jue2 shi2 kang4 yi4
hunger strike

绝世 絕世 jue2 shi4
unique; exceptional

绝世佳人 絕世佳人 jue2 shi4 jia1 ren2
a woman of unmatched beauty (idiom)

绝望 絕望 jue2 wang4
to despair; to give up all hope; desperate; desperation

绝望的境地 絕望的境地 jue2 wang4 de5 jing4 di4
desperate straits; impossible situation

绝无仅有 絕無僅有 jue2 wu2 jin3 you3
one and only (idiom); rarely seen; unique of its kind

绝诣 絕詣 jue2 yi4
profoundly well-versed

绝育 絕育 jue2 yu4
to sterilize; to spay

绝域 絕域 jue2 yu4
a faraway and hard-to-reach land (classical)

绝缘 絕緣 jue2 yuan2
to have no contact with; to be cut off from; (electricity) to insulate

绝缘体 絕緣體 jue2 yuan2 ti3
electrical insulation; heat insulation

绝赞 絕讚 jue2 zan4
amazing; awesome; ultimate

绝招 絕招 jue2 zhao1
unique skill; unexpected tricky move (as a last resort); masterstroke; finishing blow

绝症 絕症 jue2 zheng4
incurable disease; terminal illness

绝种 絕種 jue2 zhong3
extinct (species); extinction

空前绝后 空前絕後 kong1 qian2 jue2 hou4
unprecedented and never to be duplicated; the first and the last; unmatched; unique

络绎不绝 絡繹不絕 luo4 yi4 bu4 jue2
continuously; in an endless stream (idiom)

屡禁不绝 屢禁不絕 lv3 jin4 bu4 jue2
to continue despite repeated prohibition (idiom)

骂不绝口 罵不絕口 ma4 bu4 jue2 kou3
to scold without end (idiom); incessant abuse

绵绵不绝 綿綿不絕 mian2 mian2 bu4 jue2
continuous; endless

灭绝 滅絕 mie4 jue2
to extinguish; to become extinct; to die out

灭绝人性 滅絕人性 mie4 jue2 ren2 xing4
to be devoid of all humanity; inhuman; bestial

灭绝种族 滅絕種族 mie4 jue2 zhong3 zu2

拍案叫绝 拍案叫絕 pai1 an4 jiao4 jue2
lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful!; amazing!; great!

捧腹绝倒 捧腹絕倒 peng3 fu4 jue2 dao3
doubled up with laughter

奇绝 奇絕 qi2 jue2
strange; rare; bizarre

弃绝 棄絕 qi4 jue2
to abandon; to forsake

气绝 氣絕 qi4 jue2
to take one's last breath; dying

容华绝代 容華絕代 rong2 hua2 jue2 dai4
to be blessed with rare and radiant beauty (idiom)

杀绝 殺絕 sha1 jue2
to exterminate

深恶痛绝 深惡痛絕 shen1 wu4 tong4 jue2
to detest bitterly (idiom); implacable hatred; to abhor; anathema

生物大灭绝 生物大滅絕 sheng1 wu4 da4 mie4 jue2
great extinction of species

世隔绝 世隔絕 shi4 ge2 jue2
isolated from the world; disconnected

誓绝 誓絕 shi4 jue2
to abjure; to swear to quit

死绝 死絕 si3 jue2
to die out; to be exterminated; to become extinct

滔滔不绝 滔滔不絕 tao1 tao1 bu4 jue2
unceasing torrent (idiom); talking non-stop; gabbling forty to the dozen

天无绝人之路 天無絕人之路 tian1 wu2 jue2 ren2 zhi1 lu4
Heaven never bars one's way (idiom); don't despair and you will find a way through.; Never give up hope.; Never say die.

韦编三绝 韋編三絕 wei2 bian1 san1 jue2
lit. the leather binding (of the bamboo scroll) has broken three times; fig. to study diligently

违时绝俗 違時絕俗 wei2 shi2 jue2 su2
to defy the times and reject custom (idiom); in breach of current conventions

五言绝句 五言絕句 wu3 yan2 jue2 ju4
poetic form consisting of four lines of five syllables, with rhymes on first, second and fourth line

陷入绝境 陷入絕境 xian4 ru4 jue2 jing4
to fall into impasse

香火不绝 香火不絕 xiang1 huo3 bu4 jue2
an unending stream of pilgrims

谢绝 謝絕 xie4 jue2
to refuse politely

谢绝参观 謝絕參觀 xie4 jue2 can1 guan1
closed to visitors; no admittance

兴灭继绝 興滅繼絕 xing1 mie4 ji4 jue2
lit. to restore the state and revive old families (idiom); fig. to restore sth that has been destroyed or forgotten

悬崖绝壁 懸崖絕壁 xuan2 ya2 jue2 bi4
sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces (idiom)

与世隔绝 與世隔絕 yu3 shi4 ge2 jue2
to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)

欲绝 欲絕 yu4 jue2
heartbroken; inconsolable

赞不绝口 讚不絕口 zan4 bu4 jue2 kou3
to praise without cease (idiom); praise sb to high heaven

赞不绝口 贊不絕口 zan4 bu4 jue2 kou3
to praise without cease (idiom); praise sb to high heaven

种族灭绝 種族滅絕 zhong3 zu2 mie4 jue2

诛尽杀绝 誅盡殺絕 zhu1 jin4 sha1 jue2
to wipe out; to exterminate

卓绝 卓絕 zhuo2 jue2
unsurpassed; extreme; extraordinary

阻绝 阻絕 zu3 jue2
to block; to obstruct; to clog

做绝 做絕 zuo4 jue2
to go to extremes; to leave no room for maneuver