velvet; woolen

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
艾绒 艾絨 ai4 rong2
moxa floss

灯草绒 燈草絨 deng1 cao3 rong2
see 燈芯絨|灯芯绒

灯芯绒 燈芯絨 deng1 xin1 rong2
corduroy (textiles)

鹅绒 鵝絨 e2 rong2
goose down

法兰绒 法蘭絨 fa3 lan2 rong2
flannel (loanword); Taiwan pr.

貉绒 貉絨 hao2 rong2
precious fur obtained from skin of raccoon dog after removing hard bristle

火绒草 火絨草 huo3 rong2 cao3
edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)

立绒 立絨 li4 rong2

毛绒绒 毛絨絨 mao2 rong2 rong2
fluffy; furry

毛绒玩具 毛絨玩具 mao2 rong2 wan2 ju4
plush toy; cuddly toy

绒螯蟹 絨螯蟹 rong2 ao2 xie4
mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)

绒布 絨布 rong2 bu4

绒额䴓 絨額鳾 rong2 e2 shi1
(bird species of China) velvet-fronted nuthatch (Sitta frontalis)

绒毛 絨毛 rong2 mao2
fur; down (soft fur); villi capillary (in the small intestine)

绒毛性腺激素 絨毛性腺激素 rong2 mao2 xing4 xian4 ji1 su4
human chrionic gonodocophin (HCG)

绒球 絨球 rong2 qiu2

绒线 絨線 rong2 xian4
wool; woolen thread

山羊绒 山羊絨 shan1 yang2 rong2

丝绒 絲絨 si1 rong2

天鹅绒 天鵝絨 tian1 e2 rong2
velvet; swan's down

小绒鸭 小絨鴨 xiao3 rong2 ya1
(bird species of China) Steller's eider (Polysticta stelleri)

羽绒 羽絨 yu3 rong2
down (soft feathers)

羽绒服 羽絨服 yu3 rong2 fu2
down-filled garment