head rope of a fishing net; guiding principle; key link; class (taxonomy); outline; program

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
埃尔朗根纲领 埃爾朗根綱領 ai1 er3 lang3 gen1 gang1 ling3
Felix Klein's Erlangen program (1872) on geometry and group theory

八纲 八綱 ba1 gang1
"eight principles," a method of giving a general description and syndrome differentiation (TCM)

八纲辨证 八綱辨證 ba1 gang1 bian4 zheng4
pattern-syndrome identification based on the eight principles (TCM)

瓣鳃纲 瓣鰓綱 ban4 sai1 gang1
Lamellibranchia; class of bivalves

倍足纲 倍足綱 bei4 zu2 gang1
Diplopoda (zoology)

本草纲目 本草綱目 ben3 cao3 gang1 mu4
Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, compiled by Li Shizhen 李時珍|李时珍

鞭毛纲 鞭毛綱 bian1 mao2 gang1

哺乳纲 哺乳綱 bu3 ru3 gang1
Mammalia, the class of mammals

超纲 超綱 chao1 gang1
beyond the scope of the syllabus

朝纲 朝綱 chao2 gang1
laws and discipline of imperial court

大纲 大綱 da4 gang1
synopsis; outline; program; leading principles

党纲 黨綱 dang3 gang1
(political) party platform; party program

腹足纲 腹足綱 fu4 zu2 gang1
gastropod (class of mollusks including snails)

纲纪 綱紀 gang1 ji4
law and order

纲举目张 綱舉目張 gang1 ju3 mu4 zhang1
if you lift the headrope the meshes spread open (idiom); take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves; (of a piece of writing) well-structured and ordered

纲领 綱領 gang1 ling3
program (i.e. plan of action); guiding principle

纲要 綱要 gang1 yao4
outline; essential points

共同纲领 共同綱領 gong4 tong2 gang1 ling3
common program; formal program of the communist party after 1949, that served as interim national plan

横纲 橫綱 heng2 gang1

教学大纲 教學大綱 jiao4 xue2 da4 gang1
course syllabus; class curriculum

接合菌纲 接合菌綱 jie1 he2 jun1 gang1

量纲 量綱 liang4 gang1
dimension (unit)

裂殖菌纲 裂殖菌綱 lie4 zhi2 jun1 gang1
Schizomycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)

木兰纲 木蘭綱 mu4 lan2 gang1
Magnoliopsidae or Dicotyledoneae (class of plants distinguished by two embryonic leaves)

软甲纲 軟甲綱 ruan3 jia3 gang1
Malacostraca, a large class of crustaceans

三纲五常 三綱五常 san1 gang1 wu3 chang2
three principles and five virtues (idiom); the three rules (ruler guides subject, father guides son and husband guides wife) and five constant virtues of Confucianism (benevolence 仁, righteousness 義|义, propriety 禮|礼, wisdom 智 and fidelity 信)

上纲上线 上綱上線 shang4 gang1 shang4 xian4
to criticize (as a matter of principle)

绦虫纲 絛蟲綱 tao1 chong2 gang1
Cestoda (an order of flatworms)

提纲 提綱 ti2 gang1
outline; synopsis; notes

提纲挈领 提綱挈領 ti2 gang1 qie4 ling3
to concentrate on the main points (idiom); to bring out the essentials

头足纲 頭足綱 tou2 zu2 gang1
cephalopod; Cephalopoda, class of mollusks including nautilus and squid

涡虫纲 渦蟲綱 wo1 chong2 gang1
Turbellaria (an order of flatworms)

吸虫纲 吸蟲綱 xi1 chong2 gang1
Class Trematoda; fluke; trematode worm, a parasite incl. on humans

蜥形纲 蜥形綱 xi1 xing2 gang1
Sauropsida, class within Chordata containing reptiles

行动纲领 行動綱領 xing2 dong4 gang1 ling3
action plan; program of action

亚纲 亞綱 ya4 gang1
subclass (taxonomy)

圆口纲脊椎动物 圓口綱脊椎動物 yuan2 kou3 gang1 ji3 zhui1 dong4 wu4
cyclostome (marine biology)

真菌纲 真菌綱 zhen1 jun1 gang1
Eumycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)

政纲 政綱 zheng4 gang1
political program; platform

中苏解决悬案大纲协定 中蘇解決懸案大綱協定 zhong1 su1 jie3 jue2 xuan2 an4 da4 gang1 xie2 ding4
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China