variant of 輟|辍

to sew; to stitch together; to combine; to link; to connect; to put words together; to compose; to embellish

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
补缀 補綴 bu3 zhui4
to mend (clothes); to patch

词缀 詞綴 ci2 zhui4
prefix or suffix of a compound word; affix (linguistics)

词缀剥除 詞綴剝除 ci2 zhui4 bo1 chu2
affix stripping; to determine the root of a word by removing prefix and suffix

点缀 點綴 dian3 zhui4
to decorate; to adorn; sprinkled; studded; only for show

缝缀 縫綴 feng2 zhui4
to patch together; to mend

后缀 後綴 hou4 zhui4
suffix (linguistics)

联缀 聯綴 lian2 zhui4
variant of 連綴|连缀

连缀 連綴 lian2 zhui4
to put together; linking; successive; a cluster

连缀动词 連綴動詞 lian2 zhui4 dong4 ci2
linking verb

拼缀 拼綴 pin1 zhui4
to join together

前缀 前綴 qian2 zhui4
prefix (linguistics)

收残缀轶 收殘綴軼 shou1 can2 zhui4 yi4
to gather and patch up sth that is badly damaged (idiom)

尾缀 尾綴 wei3 zhui4
(lit.) to follow sb; (linguistics) suffix; ending; (computing) file name extension

弦诵不缀 弦誦不綴 xian2 song4 bu4 chuo4
variant of 弦誦不輟|弦诵不辍

中缀 中綴 zhong1 zhui4
infix (grammar), particle attached within a word or expression

缀合 綴合 zhui4 he2
to compose; to put together

缀饰 綴飾 zhui4 shi4
to decorate; decoration

缀文 綴文 zhui4 wen2
to compose an essay

缀字 綴字 zhui4 zi4
to spell; to compose words

缀字课本 綴字課本 zhui4 zi4 ke4 ben3
spelling book