tight; strict; close at hand; near; urgent; tense; hard up; short of money; to tighten

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
绷紧 繃緊 beng1 jin3
to brace; taut

不打紧 不打緊 bu4 da3 jin3
unimportant; not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind

不当紧 不當緊 bu4 dang1 jin3
not important; of no consequence

不要紧 不要緊 bu4 yao4 jin3
unimportant; not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind; it looks all right, but

吃紧 吃緊 chi1 jin3
in short supply; dire; tense; critical; hard-pressed; important

创伤后心理压力紧张综合症 創傷後心理壓力緊張綜合症 chuang1 shang1 hou4 xin1 li3 ya1 li4 jin3 zhang1 zong1 he2 zheng4
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

打紧 打緊 da3 jin3

风声紧 風聲緊 feng1 sheng1 jin3
(fig.) the situation is tense

赶紧 趕緊 gan3 jin3
hurriedly; without delay

箍紧 箍緊 gu1 jin3
to fasten tightly with a hoop

关紧 關緊 guan1 jin3
to close firmly; to fasten securely; to make fast; to lock

过度紧张 過度緊張 guo4 du4 jin3 zhang1
hypertension; excessive stress

挤紧 擠緊 ji3 jin3
to squeeze

夹紧 夾緊 jia1 jin3
to clamp; to grip

加紧 加緊 jia1 jin3
to intensify; to speed up; to step up

紧巴 緊巴 jin3 ba1
tight (i.e. lacking money); hard up; same as 緊巴巴|紧巴巴

紧巴巴 緊巴巴 jin3 ba1 ba1
tight fitting; hard up (i.e. lacking money)

紧抱 緊抱 jin3 bao4
to hug; to embrace

紧绷 緊繃 jin3 beng1
to stretch taut

紧绷绷 緊繃繃 jin3 beng1 beng1
tight; taut; strained; sullen

紧逼 緊逼 jin3 bi1
to press hard; to close in on

紧闭 緊閉 jin3 bi4
to close securely; tightly closed; secure

紧绌 緊絀 jin3 chu4
supply shortage

紧凑 緊湊 jin3 cou4
compact; terse; tight (schedule)

紧凑渺子线圈 緊湊渺子線圈 jin3 cou4 miao3 zi3 xian4 quan1
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)

紧凑型车 緊湊型車 jin3 cou4 xing2 che1
compact car model

紧盯 緊盯 jin3 ding1
to gaze; to stare fixedly

紧跟 緊跟 jin3 gen1
to follow precisely; to comply with

紧箍咒 緊箍咒 jin3 gu1 zhou4
the Band-tightening Spell (in 西遊記|西游记); a spell or incantation for controlling sb

紧裹 緊裹 jin3 guo3
to wrap tightly; to wind tightly; to bind; close-fitting (clothes)

紧集 緊集 jin3 ji2
compact set

紧急 緊急 jin3 ji2
urgent; emergency

紧急事件 緊急事件 jin3 ji2 shi4 jian4

紧急疏散 緊急疏散 jin3 ji2 shu1 san4
emergency evacuation

紧急危害 緊急危害 jin3 ji2 wei1 hai4
emergency risk

紧急医疗 緊急醫療 jin3 ji2 yi1 liao2
emergency medical care

紧急应变 緊急應變 jin3 ji2 ying4 bian4
emergency management

紧急状态 緊急狀態 jin3 ji2 zhuang4 tai4
state of emergency

紧挤 緊擠 jin3 ji3
to pinch; to squeeze tightly

紧接 緊接 jin3 jie1
immediately adjacent; immediately following; to follow closely on

紧紧 緊緊 jin3 jin3
closely; tightly

紧靠 緊靠 jin3 kao4
to be right next to; to lean closely against

紧扣 緊扣 jin3 kou4
to stick closely to (a topic or theme etc)

紧邻 緊鄰 jin3 lin2
close neighbor

紧密 緊密 jin3 mi4
inseparably close

紧密配合 緊密配合 jin3 mi4 pei4 he2
to coordinate closely; to act in close partnership with

紧密相联 緊密相聯 jin3 mi4 xiang1 lian2
closely interrelated; intimately related

紧密织物 緊密織物 jin3 mi4 zhi1 wu4
closely woven fabric

紧迫 緊迫 jin3 po4
pressing; urgent

紧迫盯人 緊迫盯人 jin3 po4 ding1 ren2
to keep a close eye on sb (idiom)

紧俏 緊俏 jin3 qiao4
(merchandise) in high demand

紧缺 緊缺 jin3 que1
in short supply; scarce

紧身 緊身 jin3 shen1

紧实 緊實 jin3 shi2
tight; firm; dense; packed

紧随其后 緊隨其後 jin3 sui2 qi2 hou4
to follow closely behind sb or sth (idiom)

紧缩 緊縮 jin3 suo1
(economics) to reduce; to curtail; to cut back; to tighten; austerity; tightening; crunch

紧贴 緊貼 jin3 tie1
to stick close to; to press up against

紧握 緊握 jin3 wo4
to hold firmly, not let go

紧要 緊要 jin3 yao4
critical; crucial; vital

紧要关头 緊要關頭 jin3 yao4 guan1 tou2
urgent and important moment (idiom); critical juncture

紧衣缩食 緊衣縮食 jin3 yi1 suo1 shi2
see 節衣縮食|节衣缩食

紧张 緊張 jin3 zhang1
nervous; keyed up; intense; tense; strained; in short supply; scarce

紧张缓和 緊張緩和 jin3 zhang1 huan3 he2

紧张状态 緊張狀態 jin3 zhang1 zhuang4 tai4
tense situation; standoff

紧追 緊追 jin3 zhui1
to pursue closely

拉紧 拉緊 la1 jin3
to pull tight; tensioning

勒紧 勒緊 lei1 jin3
to tighten

勒紧裤带 勒緊褲帶 lei1 jin3 ku4 dai4
to tighten one's belt; to live more frugally

联邦紧急措施署 聯邦緊急措施署 lian2 bang1 jin3 ji2 cuo4 shi1 shu3
Federal Emergency Management Agency; FEMA

收紧 收緊 shou1 jin3
to tighten up (restrictions etc)

手紧 手緊 shou3 jin3
tightfisted; stingy; short of money; hard up

手头紧 手頭緊 shou3 tou2 jin3
short of money; hard up

束紧 束緊 shu4 jin3
gird; tighten

松紧带 鬆緊帶 song1 jin3 dai4

缩紧 縮緊 suo1 jin3
to tighten; to contract; to shrink in

通货紧缩 通貨緊縮 tong1 huo4 jin3 suo1

无关紧要 無關緊要 wu2 guan1 jin3 yao4
indifferent; insignificant

压紧 壓緊 ya1 jin3
to compress

牙关紧闭症 牙關緊閉症 ya2 guan1 jin3 bi4 zheng4
lockjaw; trismus

严紧 嚴緊 yan2 jin3
strict; tight

咬紧牙根 咬緊牙根 yao3 jin3 ya2 gen1
see 咬緊牙關|咬紧牙关

咬紧牙关 咬緊牙關 yao3 jin3 ya2 guan1
lit. to bite the teeth tightly (idiom); fig. to grit one's teeth and bear the pain; to bite the bullet

要紧 要緊 yao4 jin3
important; urgent

着紧 著緊 zhao2 jin3
urgent; in a great hurry; in intimate relationship with sb

抓紧 抓緊 zhua1 jin3
to grasp firmly; to pay special attention to; to rush in; to make the most of

抓紧时间 抓緊時間 zhua1 jin3 shi2 jian1
to snatch time; to rush; to hurry (up); to seize the moment

抓紧学习 抓緊學習 zhua1 jin3 xue2 xi2
to concentrate on studying hard