to seize; to arrest; Taiwan pr.

to stitch finely

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
查缉 查緝 cha2 ji1
to search for and seize (criminals, smuggled goods etc)

缉捕 緝捕 ji1 bu3
to seize; to apprehend; an arrest

缉查 緝查 ji1 cha2
to raid; to search (for criminal)

缉毒 緝毒 ji1 du2
to counter narcotics trafficking; drug enforcement

缉毒犬 緝毒犬 ji1 du2 quan3
drug detector dog; sniffer dog

缉访 緝訪 ji1 fang3
to search and enquire

缉获 緝獲 ji1 huo4
to arrest; to apprehend

缉拿 緝拿 ji1 na2
to arrest; to seize

缉私 緝私 ji1 si1
to suppress smugglers; to search for smuggled goods

通缉 通緝 tong1 ji1
to order the arrest of sb as criminal; to list as wanted

通缉犯 通緝犯 tong1 ji1 fan4
wanted criminal; fugitive (from the law)

侦缉 偵緝 zhen1 ji1
to track down; to investigate and arrest

追缉 追緝 zhui1 ji1
to pursue; to be after; to hunt down (the perpetrator of a crime, an escaped prisoner etc)