cause; reason; karma; fate; predestined affinity; margin; hem; edge; along

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
边缘 邊緣 bian1 yuan2
edge; fringe; verge; brink; periphery; marginal; borderline

边缘地区 邊緣地區 bian1 yuan2 di4 qu1
border area

边缘化 邊緣化 bian1 yuan2 hua4
to marginalize; marginalization

边缘人 邊緣人 bian1 yuan2 ren2
marginalized people (not part of mainstream society); marginal man (term coined by social psychologist Kurt Lewin, referring to a person in transition between two cultures or social groups, not fully belonging to either)

边缘系统 邊緣系統 bian1 yuan2 xi4 tong3
limbic system

边缘性人格障碍 邊緣性人格障礙 bian1 yuan2 xing4 ren2 ge2 zhang4 ai4
borderline personality disorder (BPD)

地缘 地緣 di4 yuan2
geographic situation; geo-(politics etc)

地缘战略 地緣戰略 di4 yuan2 zhan4 lve4

地缘政治 地緣政治 di4 yuan2 zheng4 zhi4
geopolitics; geopolitical

地缘政治学 地緣政治學 di4 yuan2 zheng4 zhi4 xue2

广结良缘 廣結良緣 guang3 jie2 liang2 yuan2
to earn people's praise through one's good deeds (idiom)

后缘 後緣 hou4 yuan2
trailing edge (of airplane wing)

化缘 化緣 hua4 yuan2
(of a monk) to beg

机缘 機緣 ji1 yuan2
chance; opportunity; destiny

结缘 結緣 jie2 yuan2
to form ties; to become attached (to sb, sth)

镜花缘 鏡花緣 jing4 hua1 yuan2
Jinghua Yuan or Flowers in the Mirror, Qing novel of fantasy and erudition (early 19th century) by Li Ruzhen 李汝珍

绝缘 絕緣 jue2 yuan2
to have no contact with; to be cut off from; (electricity) to insulate

绝缘体 絕緣體 jue2 yuan2 ti3
electrical insulation; heat insulation

良缘 良緣 liang2 yuan2
good karma; opportune connection with marriage partner

露水姻缘 露水姻緣 lu4 shui3 yin1 yuan2
casual romance; short-lived relationship

路缘 路緣 lu4 yuan2

轮缘 輪緣 lun2 yuan2
rim; edge of wheel

募缘 募緣 mu4 yuan2
(of a monk) to beg for food

孽缘 孽緣 nie4 yuan2
ill-fated relationship

前世姻缘 前世姻緣 qian2 shi4 yin1 yuan2
a marriage predestined in a former life (idiom)

前缘未了 前緣未了 qian2 yuan2 wei4 liao3
one's predestined fate is yet to be fulfilled (idiom)

亲缘 親緣 qin1 yuan2
blood relationship; genetic relationship; consanguinity

亲缘关系 親緣關係 qin1 yuan2 guan1 xi4
phylogenetic relationship

情缘 情緣 qing2 yuan2
predestined love; love affinity

人缘 人緣 ren2 yuan2
relations with other people

人缘儿 人緣兒 ren2 yuan2 er5
erhua variant of 人緣|人缘

善缘 善緣 shan4 yuan2
good karma

守株待兔,缘木求鱼 守株待兔,緣木求魚 shou3 zhu1 dai4 tu4 - yuan2 mu4 qiu2 yu2
to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, and climb a tree to catch fish (idiom); without any practical course of action

守株缘木 守株緣木 shou3 zhu1 yuan2 mu4
abbr. for 守株待兔,緣木求魚|守株待兔,缘木求鱼

宿缘 宿緣 su4 yuan2
(Buddhism) predestined relationship

投缘 投緣 tou2 yuan2
to be kindred spirits; to hit it off

凸缘 凸緣 tu1 yuan2

无缘 無緣 wu2 yuan2
to have no opportunity; no way (of doing sth); no chance; no connection; not placed (in a competition); (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc

无缘无故 無緣無故 wu2 yuan2 wu2 gu4
no cause, no reason (idiom); completely uncalled for

血缘 血緣 xue4 yuan2

血缘关系 血緣關係 xue4 yuan2 guan1 xi4
blood relationship; consanguinity

因缘 因緣 yin1 yuan2
chance; opportunity; predestined relationship; (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes; chain of cause and effect

姻缘 姻緣 yin1 yuan2
a marriage predestined by fate

夤缘 夤緣 yin2 yuan2
to curry favor; to advance one's career by toadying

夤缘攀附 夤緣攀附 yin2 yuan2 pan1 fu4
to cling to the rich and powerful (idiom); to advance one's career by currying favor; social climbing

有缘 有緣 you3 yuan2
related; brought together by fate

有缘无分 有緣無分 you3 yuan2 wu2 fen4
destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)

缘分 緣分 yuan2 fen4
fate or chance that brings people together; predestined affinity or relationship; (Budd.) destiny

缘故 緣故 yuan2 gu4
reason; cause

缘何 緣何 yuan2 he2
why?; for what reason?

缘木求鱼 緣木求魚 yuan2 mu4 qiu2 yu2
lit. climb a tree to catch a fish (idiom); fig. to attempt the impossible

缘起 緣起 yuan2 qi3

缘饰 緣飾 yuan2 shi4

缘由 緣由 yuan2 you2
reason; cause

缘于 緣於 yuan2 yu2
to originate from; to come from the fact that; owing to; because of

远缘 遠緣 yuan3 yuan2
distantly related; remote affinity