to weave; to plait; to organize; to group; to arrange; to edit; to compile; to write; to compose; to fabricate

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
编班 編班 bian1 ban1
to group or place into classes

编班考试 編班考試 bian1 ban1 kao3 shi4
placement test

编成 編成 bian1 cheng2
to organize; to put together; to edit

编程 編程 bian1 cheng2
(computing) to program; programming

编次 編次 bian1 ci4
order of arrangement

编篡 編篡 bian1 cuan4
to fabricate (sth)

编导 編導 bian1 dao3
to write and direct (a play, film etc); playwright-director; choreographer-director; scenarist-director

编队 編隊 bian1 dui4
to form into columns; to organize into teams; formation (of ships or aircraft)

编号 編號 bian1 hao4
to number; numbering; serial number

编辑 編輯 bian1 ji2
to edit; to compile; editor; compiler

编辑家 編輯家 bian1 ji2 jia1
editor; compiler

编辑器 編輯器 bian1 ji2 qi4
editor (software)

编辑室 編輯室 bian1 ji2 shi4
editorial office

编结 編結 bian1 jie2
to weave; to plait

编结业 編結業 bian1 jie2 ye4
weaving industry

编剧 編劇 bian1 ju4
to write a play; scenario; dramatist; screenwriter

編列 編列 bian1 lie4
to arrange in order; to compile; to prepare (a budget, project etc)

编录 編錄 bian1 lu4
to select and edict; to edit extracts

编码 編碼 bian1 ma3
to code; to encode; code

编码器 編碼器 bian1 ma3 qi4

编码系统 編碼系統 bian1 ma3 xi4 tong3
coding system

编码字符集 編碼字符集 bian1 ma3 zi4 fu2 ji2
coded character set

编目 編目 bian1 mu4
to make a catalogue; catalogue; list

编年史 編年史 bian1 nian2 shi3
annals; chronicle

编年体 編年體 bian1 nian2 ti3
in the style of annals; chronological history, the regular form of the Chinese dynastic histories

编排 編排 bian1 pai2
to arrange; to lay out

编遣 編遣 bian1 qian3
to reorganize (troops etc) and discharge surplus personnel

编磬 編磬 bian1 qing4
musical instrument consisting of a set of chime stones suspended from a beam and struck as a xylophone

编曲 編曲 bian1 qu3
to compose (music); arrangement

编审 編審 bian1 shen3
to copy-edit; copy editor

编舞 編舞 bian1 wu3
choreography; choreographer

编写 編寫 bian1 xie3
to compile

编修 編修 bian1 xiu1
to compile and edit

编选 編選 bian1 xuan3
to select and edit; to compile

编译 編譯 bian1 yi4
to translate and edit; translator-editor; (computing) to compile (source code)

编译家 編譯家 bian1 yi4 jia1
translator and editor

编译器 編譯器 bian1 yi4 qi4

编印 編印 bian1 yin4
to compile and print; to publish

编造 編造 bian1 zao4
to compile; to draw up; to fabricate; to invent; to concoct; to make up; to cook up

编者 編者 bian1 zhe3
editor; compiler

编者按 編者按 bian1 zhe3 an4
editor's commentary

编者案 編者案 bian1 zhe3 an4
variant of 編者按|编者按

编织 編織 bian1 zhi1
to weave; to knit; to plait; to braid; (fig.) to create (sth abstract, e.g. a dream, a lie etc)

编织品 編織品 bian1 zhi1 pin3
woven fabric

编制 編制 bian1 zhi4
to establish (a unit or department); staffing structure (excluding temporary and casual staff)

编制 編製 bian1 zhi4
to weave; to plait; to compile; to put together (a lesson plan, budget etc)

编钟 編鐘 bian1 zhong1
set of bells (old Chinese music instrument)

编著 編著 bian1 zhu4
to compile; to write

编撰 編撰 bian1 zhuan4
to compile; to edit

编组 編組 bian1 zu3
to organize into groups; marshalling

编纂 編纂 bian1 zuan3
to compile

部首编排法 部首編排法 bu4 shou3 bian1 pai2 fa3
dictionary arrangement of Chinese characters under radicals

重编 重編 chong2 bian1
(of a dictionary etc) revised edition

定编 定編 ding4 bian1
fixed allocation

二进制编码 二進制編碼 er4 jin4 zhi4 bian1 ma3
binary code; binary encoding

改编 改編 gai3 bian1
to adapt; to rearrange; to revise

钩编 鉤編 gou1 bian1
to crochet

合编 合編 he2 bian1
to compile in collaboration with; to merge and reorganize (army units etc)

胡编 胡編 hu2 bian1
to make things up; to concoct (a story, an excuse etc)

胡编乱造 胡編亂造 hu2 bian1 luan4 zao4
to concoct a cock-and-bull story (idiom); to make things up

汇编 彙編 hui4 bian1
collection; compilation; compile

汇编 匯編 hui4 bian1
collection; compilation; compile; also written 彙編|汇编

汇编语言 匯編語言 hui4 bian1 yu3 yan2
assembly language

混编 混編 hun4 bian1

简编 簡編 jian3 bian1
concise edition; abridged edition; compendium

进行编程 進行編程 jin4 xing2 bian1 cheng2
executable program

科学编辑 科學編輯 ke1 xue2 bian1 ji2
science editor (of a publication)

可编程 可編程 ke3 bian1 cheng2

可擦写可编程只读存储器 可擦寫可編程祇讀存儲器 ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)

扩编 擴編 kuo4 bian1
to expand (esp. by new recruitment); to increase the army; to augment

曼彻斯特编码 曼徹斯特編碼 man4 che4 si1 te4 bian1 ma3
Manchester encoding

收编 收編 shou1 bian1
to incorporate into one's troops; to weave in

韦编三绝 韋編三絕 wei2 bian1 san1 jue2
lit. the leather binding (of the bamboo scroll) has broken three times; fig. to study diligently

文本编辑器 文本編輯器 wen2 ben3 bian1 ji2 qi4
text editor

五笔编码 五筆編碼 wu3 bi3 bian1 ma3
five-stroke code, Chinese character input method

瞎编 瞎編 xia1 bian1
to fabricate (a story)

瞎编乱造 瞎編亂造 xia1 bian1 luan4 zao4
random lies and falsehoods

小编 小編 xiao3 bian1

修编 修編 xiu1 bian1
to revise

续编 續編 xu4 bian1
sequel; continuation (of a serial publication)

选编 選編 xuan3 bian1
selected works (poems, documents etc); anthology

邮编 郵編 you2 bian1
postal code; zip code

邮局编码 郵局編碼 you2 ju2 bian1 ma3

邮政编码 郵政編碼 you2 zheng4 bian1 ma3
postal code; zip code

有编制 有編制 you3 bian1 zhi4
having a permanent post; part of the official staff

在编 在編 zai4 bian1
to be on the regular payroll; to be on the permanent staff

竹编 竹編 zhu2 bian1

主编 主編 zhu3 bian1
editor in chief

棕编 棕編 zong1 bian1
woven palm fiber (used in handicraft); coir; woven coconut fiber

总编 總編 zong3 bian1
chief editor (of newspaper); abbr. for 總編輯|总编辑

总编辑 總編輯 zong3 bian1 ji2
chief editor (of newspaper)