to sew; to stitch

seam; crack; narrow slit

strokes 16
strokes after radical 11
裁缝 裁縫 cai2 feng2
tailor; dressmaker

裁缝店 裁縫店 cai2 feng2 dian4
tailor's shop

裁缝师 裁縫師 cai2 feng4 shi1

苍蝇不叮无缝蛋 蒼蠅不叮無縫蛋 cang1 ying5 bu4 ding1 wu2 feng4 dan4
lit. flies do not attack an intact egg (idiom); fig. no smoke without a fire

长尾缝叶莺 長尾縫葉鶯 chang2 wei3 feng2 ye4 ying1
(bird species of China) common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius)

搭缝 搭縫 da1 feng4
overlaid seam

分缝 分縫 fen1 feng4
part (in one's hair)

缝补 縫補 feng2 bu3
to darn (clothing); to sew and mend

缝缝连连 縫縫連連 feng2 feng2 lian2 lian2
needlework; sewing and mending

缝合 縫合 feng2 he2
to sew together; suture (in surgery); to sew up (a wound)

缝穷 縫窮 feng2 qiong2
to sew and mend clothes for a pittance

缝絍 縫絍 feng2 ren4
to sew; to stitch

缝纫 縫紉 feng2 ren4
to sew; tailoring

缝纫机 縫紉機 feng2 ren4 ji1
sewing machine

缝线 縫線 feng2 xian4
sewing thread; suture

缝衣工人 縫衣工人 feng2 yi1 gong1 ren2

缝衣匠 縫衣匠 feng2 yi1 jiang4

缝衣针 縫衣針 feng2 yi1 zhen1
sewing needle

缝针 縫針 feng2 zhen1
a stitch; surgical stitches

缝针迹 縫針跡 feng2 zhen1 ji4

缝制 縫製 feng2 zhi4
to sew; to make (clothes, bedding)

缝缀 縫綴 feng2 zhui4
to patch together; to mend

缝合带 縫合帶 feng4 he2 dai4
suture zone (geology)

缝隙 縫隙 feng4 xi4
small crack; chink

缝针 縫針 feng4 zhen1

缝子 縫子 feng4 zi5
crack; chink; narrow slit; crevice

勾缝 勾縫 gou1 feng4
to point a brick wall; to grout a tiled surface

绗缝 絎縫 hang2 feng2
to quilt

合缝 合縫 he2 feng4
to form a seam; to join up

黑喉缝叶莺 黑喉縫葉鶯 hei1 hou2 feng2 ye4 ying1
(bird species of China) dark-necked tailorbird (Orthotomus atrogularis)

夹缝 夾縫 jia1 feng4
crack; crevice

见缝插针 見縫插針 jian4 feng4 cha1 zhen1
lit. to see a gap and stick in a needle (idiom); fig. to make use of every second and every inch

见缝就钻 見縫就鑽 jian4 feng4 jiu4 zuan1
lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom); fig. to make the most of every opportunity

接缝 接縫 jie1 feng4
seam; join; juncture

金头缝叶莺 金頭縫葉鶯 jin1 tou2 feng4 ye4 ying1
(bird species of China) mountain tailorbird (Phyllergates cuculatus)

裂缝 裂縫 lie4 feng4
crack; crevice

眯缝 眯縫 mi1 feng5
to squint

弥缝 彌縫 mi2 feng2
to cover up mistakes or crimes; to stitch up; to fix

密缝 密縫 mi4 feng2
tight seam; to calk

女装裁缝师 女裝裁縫師 nv3 zhuang1 cai2 feng5 shi1

手缝 手縫 shou3 feng2
to sew by hand; hand-sewn

天衣无缝 天衣無縫 tian1 yi1 wu2 feng4
lit. seamless heavenly clothes (idiom); fig. flawless

无缝 無縫 wu2 feng4

无缝连接 無縫連接 wu2 feng4 lian2 jie1
seamless connection

隙缝 隙縫 xi4 feng4

牙缝 牙縫 ya2 feng4
gap between teeth

牙缝儿 牙縫兒 ya2 feng4 er5
gap between teeth

严丝合缝 嚴絲合縫 yan2 si1 he2 feng4
to fit tightly (idiom); to join seamlessly; to fit snugly

衣服缝边 衣服縫邊 yi1 fu2 feng4 bian1

窄缝 窄縫 zhai3 feng4
narrow gap; slit

折缝 折縫 zhe2 feng2
welt seam (doubled over and sewed again from topside)

中缝 中縫 zhong1 feng4
vertical space in a newspaper between two attached pages; vertical line on the back of clothing