warp (the vertical threads in weaving); vertical; longitudinal; north-south (lines of longitude); lengthwise; to release; to indulge; even if

strokes 17
strokes after radical 11
操纵 操縱 cao1 zong4
to operate; to control; to rig; to manipulate

操纵杆 操縱桿 cao1 zong4 gan3
joystick; control lever

操纵自如 操縱自如 cao1 zong4 zi4 ru2
to operate (a machine etc) with ease

第五纵队 第五縱隊 di4 wu3 zong4 dui4
fifth column (subversive group)

放纵 放縱 fang4 zong4
to indulge; to pamper; to connive at; permissive; indulgent; self-indulgent; unrestrained; undisciplined; uncultured; boorish

合纵 合縱 he2 zong4
Vertical Alliance, clique of the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)

合纵连横 合縱連橫 he2 zong4 lian2 heng2
Vertical and Horizontal Alliance, opposing stratagems devised by the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家 during the Warring States Period (425-221 BC)

骄纵 驕縱 jiao1 zong4
arrogant and willful

娇纵 嬌縱 jiao1 zong4
to indulge (a child); to pamper; to spoil

幕后操纵 幕後操縱 mu4 hou4 cao1 zong4
to manipulate from behind the scenes; to pull the strings

稍纵即逝 稍縱即逝 shao1 zong4 ji2 shi4
transient; fleeting

失纵 失縱 shi1 zong4

涕泗纵横 涕泗縱橫 ti4 si4 zong4 heng2
tears and mucus flowing profusely; sniveling; in a tragic state

欲擒故纵 欲擒故縱 yu4 qin2 gu4 zong4
In order to capture, one must let loose.; to loosen the reins only to grasp them better

纵波 縱波 zong4 bo1
longitudinal wave

纵步 縱步 zong4 bu4
to stride; to bound

纵断面 縱斷面 zong4 duan4 mian4
vertical section; longitudinal section

纵队 縱隊 zong4 dui4
column; file

纵放 縱放 zong4 fang4
undisciplined; untrammeled; to indulge

纵隔 縱隔 zong4 ge2
mediastinum (organs and tissues in the thorax between the lungs)

纵观 縱觀 zong4 guan1
to survey comprehensively; an overall survey

纵贯 縱貫 zong4 guan4
lit. warp string in weaving; fig. vertical or north-south lines; to pass through; to cross lengthwise; to pierce (esp. north-south or top-to-bottom)

纵横 縱橫 zong4 heng2
lit. warp and weft in weaving; vertically and horizontal; length and breadth; criss-crossed; able to move unhindered; abbr. for 合縱連橫|合纵连横, School of Diplomacy during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)

纵横驰骋 縱橫馳騁 zong4 heng2 chi2 cheng3
to criss-cross; to run unhindered across the whole country

纵横家 縱橫家 zong4 heng2 jia1
School of Diplomacy of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) whose leading advocates were Su Qin 蘇秦|苏秦 and Zhang Yi 張儀|张仪

纵横交错 縱橫交錯 zong4 heng2 jiao1 cuo4
criss-crossed (idiom)

纵横字谜 縱橫字謎 zong4 heng2 zi4 mi2

纵虎归山 縱虎歸山 zong4 hu3 gui1 shan1
lit. to let the tiger return to the mountain; fig. to store up future calamities

纵火 縱火 zong4 huo3
to set on fire; to commit arson

纵火犯 縱火犯 zong4 huo3 fan4

纵肌 縱肌 zong4 ji1
longitudinal muscle

纵酒 縱酒 zong4 jiu3
to drink excessively

纵览 縱覽 zong4 lan3
panoramic view; wide survey

纵梁 縱梁 zong4 liang2
longitudinal beam

纵裂 縱裂 zong4 lie4
lobe; longitudinal slit; vertical fracture

纵令 縱令 zong4 ling4
to indulge; to give free rein; even if

纵论 縱論 zong4 lun4
to talk freely

纵目 縱目 zong4 mu4
as far as the eye can see

纵剖面 縱剖面 zong4 pou1 mian4
vertical section; longitudinal section

纵情 縱情 zong4 qing2
to your heart's content

纵然 縱然 zong4 ran2
even if; even though

纵容 縱容 zong4 rong2
to indulge; to connive at

纵身 縱身 zong4 shen1
to leap; to spring; to throw oneself

纵深 縱深 zong4 shen1
depth (from front to rear); depth (into a territory); span (of time); (fig.) depth (of deployment, progress, development etc)

纵神经索 縱神經索 zong4 shen2 jing1 suo3
longitudinal nerve cord

纵声 縱聲 zong4 sheng1
loudly; in a loud voice

纵使 縱使 zong4 shi3
even if; even though

纵谈 縱談 zong4 tan2
to talk freely

纵纹 縱紋 zong4 wen2
stria longitudinalis (in the brain)

纵纹腹小鸮 縱紋腹小鴞 zong4 wen2 fu4 xiao3 xiao1
(bird species of China) little owl (Athene noctua)

纵纹角鸮 縱紋角鴞 zong4 wen2 jiao3 xiao1
(bird species of China) pallid scops owl (Otus brucei)

纵纹绿鹎 縱紋綠鵯 zong4 wen2 lv4 bei1
(bird species of China) striated bulbul (Pycnonotus striatus)

纵线 縱線 zong4 xian4
vertical line; vertical coordinate line

纵享 縱享 zong4 xiang3
to enjoy; to indulge in

纵向 縱向 zong4 xiang4
longitudinal; vertical

纵言 縱言 zong4 yan2
to theorize generally

纵摇 縱搖 zong4 yao2
pitching motion (of a boat)

纵意 縱意 zong4 yi4
willfully; wantonly

纵欲 縱慾 zong4 yu4
to indulge in debauchery

纵坐标 縱座標 zong4 zuo4 biao1
vertical coordinate; ordinate