strand; thread; detailed; in detail; classifier for wisps (of smoke, mist or vapor), strands, locks (of hair)

strokes 17
strokes after radical 11
筚路蓝缕 篳路藍縷 bi4 lu4 lan2 lv3
the hardships of beginning an undertaking (idiom)

不绝如缕 不絕如縷 bu4 jue2 ru2 lv3
hanging by a thread; very precarious; almost extinct; (of sound) linger on faintly

繁缕 繁縷 fan2 lv3
common chickweed (Stellaria media)

葛缕子 葛縷子 ge3 lv3 zi5
caraway; Persian cumin (Carum carvi)

蓝缕 藍縷 lan2 lv3
variant of 襤褸|褴褛

罗缕纪存 羅縷紀存 luo2 lv3 ji4 cun2
to record and preserve

缕述 縷述 lv3 shu4
to relate in detail

千丝万缕 千絲萬縷 qian1 si1 wan4 lv3
linked in countless ways

丝缕 絲縷 si1 lv3
silk thread

条分缕析 條分縷析 tiao2 fen1 lv3 xi1
to analyze thoroughly, point by point (idiom)

纹缕 紋縷 wen2 lv3
veined pattern; wrinkles; vein lines (in marble or fingerprint); grain (in wood etc)

纹缕儿 紋縷兒 wen2 lv3 er5
erhua variant of 紋縷|纹缕