strokes 19
strokes after radical 13
冲绳 沖繩 chong1 sheng2
Okinawa, Japan

冲绳岛 沖繩島 chong1 sheng2 dao3
Okinawa Island

冲绳群岛 沖繩群島 chong1 sheng2 qun2 dao3
the Okinawa archipelago

冲绳县 沖繩縣 chong1 sheng2 xian4
Okinawa prefecture, Japan

吊绳 吊繩 diao4 sheng2

钢丝绳 鋼絲繩 gang1 si1 sheng2
hawser; steel rope

规矩绳墨 規矩繩墨 gui1 ju5 sheng2 mo4
compasses, set square and straight line marker (idiom); fig. established standard; norms; criteria

规矩准绳 規矩準繩 gui1 ju5 zhun3 sheng2
compasses, set square, spirit level and plumbline (idiom); fig. established standard; norms; criteria

腘绳肌 膕繩肌 guo2 sheng2 ji1
hamstring (anatomy)

缰绳 韁繩 jiang1 sheng2

进退中绳 進退中繩 jin4 tui4 zhong1 sheng2
to advance or retreat, each has its rules (idiom from Zhuangzi); many translations are possible

缆绳 纜繩 lan3 sheng2
cable; hawser; mooring rope

拧成一股绳 擰成一股繩 ning2 cheng2 yi1 gu3 sheng2
to twist together to form a rope; (fig.) to unite; to work together

牵绳 牽繩 qian1 sheng2
tow rope

晒衣绳 曬衣繩 shai4 yi1 sheng2

晒衣绳子 曬衣繩子 shai4 yi1 sheng2 zi5
clothes line

绳结 繩結 sheng2 jie2

绳墨 繩墨 sheng2 mo4
lit. carpenter's straight line marker; same as 墨斗; fig. rules; rules and regulations

绳索 繩索 sheng2 suo3

绳索套 繩索套 sheng2 suo3 tao4
a noose

绳套 繩套 sheng2 tao4
noose; harness

绳梯 繩梯 sheng2 ti1
a rope ladder

绳文 繩文 sheng2 wen2
Jyōmon period of Japanese prehistory, with rope pattern pottery

绳之以法 繩之以法 sheng2 zhi1 yi3 fa3
to punish according to the law; to bring to justice

绳子 繩子 sheng2 zi5
cord; string; rope

套绳 套繩 tao4 sheng2
a lasso

跳绳 跳繩 tiao4 sheng2
to jump rope; jump rope

头绳 頭繩 tou2 sheng2
string to tie hair

细绳 細繩 xi4 sheng2
string; twine; cord

线绳 線繩 xian4 sheng2
string; cotton rope

一根绳上的蚂蚱 一根繩上的螞蚱 yi1 gen1 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
see 一條繩上的螞蚱|一条绳上的蚂蚱

一年被蛇咬十年怕井绳 一年被蛇咬十年怕井繩 yi1 nian2 bei4 she2 yao3 shi2 nian2 pa4 jing3 sheng2
bitten by a snake in one year, fears the well rope for ten years (idiom); once bitten twice shy

一条绳上的蚂蚱 一條繩上的螞蚱 yi1 tiao2 sheng2 shang4 de5 ma4 zha5
lit. like locusts tied to one rope (idiom); fig. in the same boat; in it together for better or worse; to sink or swim together

一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井繩 yi1 zhao1 bei4 she2 yao3 - shi2 nian2 pa4 jing3 sheng2
once bitten by a snake, ten years in fear of a well rope; once bitten, twice shy (idiom)

准绳 準繩 zhun3 sheng2
yardstick; fig. criterion; ground rule

棕绳 棕繩 zong1 sheng2
rope of palm fiber; coir (coconut fiber)

走绳 走繩 zou3 sheng2
tightrope walking