to draw; to paint

strokes 19
strokes after radical 13
标绘 標繪 biao1 hui4
to plot (on a chart); to mark

彩绘 彩繪 cai3 hui4
painted; colored painted-on designs

测绘 測繪 ce4 hui4
to survey and draw; to map

电脑辅助设计与绘图 電腦輔助設計與繪圖 dian4 nao3 fu3 zhu4 she4 ji4 yu3 hui4 tu2
computer-aided design and drawing

电脑绘图 電腦繪圖 dian4 nao3 hui4 tu2
computer graphics

浮世绘 浮世繪 fu2 shi4 hui4

绘本 繪本 hui4 ben3
picture book

绘画 繪畫 hui4 hua4
drawing; painting

绘架座 繪架座 hui4 jia4 zuo4
Pictor (constellation)

绘声绘色 繪聲繪色 hui4 sheng1 hui4 se4
vivid and colorful (idiom); true to life; lively and realistic

绘图 繪圖 hui4 tu2
to draw; to draft; drawing; drafting

绘制 繪製 hui4 zhi4
to draw; to draft

架上绘画 架上繪畫 jia4 shang4 hui4 hua4
easel painting

描绘 描繪 miao2 hui4
to describe; to portray