to tie; to fasten; to button up

to connect; to arrest; to worry

strokes 19
strokes after radical 13
保持联系 保持聯繫 bao3 chi2 lian2 xi4
to keep in touch; to stay in contact

互相联系 互相聯繫 hu4 xiang1 lian2 xi4
mutually related; interconnected

系泊 繫泊 ji4 bo2
to moor

系囚 繫囚 ji4 qiu2
to be imprisoned

系上 繫上 ji4 shang5
to tie on; to buckle up; to fasten

解铃还需系铃人 解鈴還需繫鈴人 jie3 ling2 hai2 xu1 xi4 ling2 ren2
variant of 解鈴還須繫鈴人|解铃还须系铃人

解铃还须系铃人 解鈴還須繫鈴人 jie3 ling2 hai2 xu1 xi4 ling2 ren2
lit. whoever hung the bell on the tiger's neck must untie it (idiom); fig. whoever started the trouble should end it

解铃系铃 解鈴繫鈴 jie3 ling2 xi4 ling2
see 解鈴還須繫鈴人|解铃还须系铃人

联系 聯繫 lian2 xi4
connection; contact; relation; to get in touch with; to integrate; to link; to touch

连系 連繫 lian2 xi4
to link; to connect

连系词 連繫詞 lian2 xi4 ci2
copula (linguistics)

联系方式 聯繫方式 lian2 xi4 fang1 shi4
contact details

联系人 聯繫人 lian2 xi4 ren2
contact (person)

品系 品繫 pin3 xi4
strain (of a species)

维系 維繫 wei2 xi4
to maintain; to keep up; to hold together

系囚 繫囚 xi4 qiu2

械系 械繫 xie4 xi4
to arrest and shackle; to clap in irons

有联系 有聯繫 you3 lian2 xi4
to be connected; to be related