to hand in; to hand over; to seize

strokes 19
strokes after radical 13
缴费 繳費 jiao3 fei4
to pay a fee

缴付 繳付 jiao3 fu4
to pay; to hand over (tax payment etc)

缴获 繳獲 jiao3 huo4
to capture; to seize

缴交 繳交 jiao3 jiao1
to hand in; to hand over

缴纳 繳納 jiao3 na4
to pay (taxes etc)

缴枪 繳槍 jiao3 qiang1
to lay down one's arms; to surrender; to disarm

缴枪不杀 繳槍不殺 jiao3 qiang1 bu4 sha1
“surrender and your life will be spared”

缴税 繳稅 jiao3 shui4
to pay tax

缴销 繳銷 jiao3 xiao1
to hand in and cancel

缴械 繳械 jiao3 xie4
to disarm; to lay down one's weapons; to surrender

扣缴 扣繳 kou4 jiao3
to withhold; to garnish (wages etc)

认缴资本 認繳資本 ren4 jiao3 zi1 ben3
subscribed capital (finance)

上缴 上繳 shang4 jiao3
to transfer (income, profits etc) to higher authorities

实缴资本 實繳資本 shi2 jiao3 zi1 ben3
paid-in capital; contributed capital (finance)

收缴 收繳 shou1 jiao3
to recover (illegally obtained property); to seize; to capture; to force sb to hand over sth; to levy

退缴 退繳 tui4 jiao3
to make restitution

追缴 追繳 zhui1 jiao3
to recover (stolen property); to pursue and force sb to give back the spoils