old variant of 糾|纠

to gather together; to investigate; to entangle; to correct

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
纠察 糾察 jiu1 cha2
to maintain order; steward (policing a meeting)

纠缠 糾纏 jiu1 chan2
to be in a tangle; to nag

纠缠不清 糾纏不清 jiu1 chan2 bu4 qing1
hopelessly muddled; impossible to unravel

纠错 糾錯 jiu1 cuo4
to correct (a typo)

纠纷 糾紛 jiu1 fen1

纠葛 糾葛 jiu1 ge2
entanglement; dispute

纠合 糾合 jiu1 he2
gathering; a get-together

纠集 糾集 jiu1 ji2
to gather together; to muster

纠结 糾結 jiu1 jie2
to intertwine; to band together (with); to link up (with); twisted; tangled; confused; to be at a loss

纠偏 糾偏 jiu1 pian1
to correct an error

纠弹 糾彈 jiu1 tan2
to censure; to denounce; to impeach

纠正 糾正 jiu1 zheng4
to correct; to make right

纠众 糾眾 jiu1 zhong4
to muster; to gather a crowd

弹纠 彈糾 tan2 jiu1
to accuse; to impeach