abundant; ample; at ease; relaxed; to free from; to relieve

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
毁家纾难 毀家紓難 hui3 jia1 shu1 nan4
to sacrifice one's wealth to save the state (idiom)

林纾 林紓 lin2 shu1
Lin Shu (1852-1924), writer and influential translator and adaptor of vast swathes of Western literature into classical Chinese

纾缓 紓緩 shu1 huan3
to relax; relaxed

纾解 紓解 shu1 jie3
to relieve; to ease (pressure); to alleviate; to remove; to get rid of

纾困 紓困 shu1 kun4
to provide financial relief; to bail out (financially); financial relief; bailout

纾压 紓壓 shu1 ya1
to alleviate stress