to trip; to stumble; to hinder

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
绊倒 絆倒 ban4 dao3
to trip; to stumble

绊跤 絆跤 ban4 jiao1
to trip; to stumble

绊脚 絆腳 ban4 jiao3
to stumble over sth

绊脚石 絆腳石 ban4 jiao3 shi2
stumbling block; obstacle; someone who gets in your way

绊住 絆住 ban4 zhu4
to entangle; to hinder; to impede movement

羁绊 羈絆 ji1 ban4
trammels; fetters; yoke; to restrain; to hinder; restraint

磕磕绊绊 磕磕絆絆 ke1 ke5 ban4 ban4
bumpy (of a road); limping (of a person)

纽绊 紐絆 niu3 ban4
see 紐襻|纽襻

牵绊 牽絆 qian1 ban4
to bind; to yoke; to impede