to twist (strands into a thread); to entangle; to wring; to hang (by the neck); to turn; to wind; classifier for skeins of yarn

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
胆石绞痛 膽石絞痛 dan3 shi2 jiao3 tong4
gallstone colic

腹部绞痛 腹部絞痛 fu4 bu4 jiao3 tong4
abdominal cramping

绞车 絞車 jiao3 che1
winch; windlass

绞刀 絞刀 jiao3 dao1

绞架 絞架 jiao3 jia4
gallows; gibbet

绞尽脑汁 絞盡腦汁 jiao3 jin4 nao3 zhi1
to rack one's brains

绞脑汁 絞腦汁 jiao3 nao3 zhi1
to rack one's brains

绞扭 絞扭 jiao3 niu3
to wring

绞盘 絞盤 jiao3 pan2

绞肉 絞肉 jiao3 rou4
minced meat

绞肉机 絞肉機 jiao3 rou4 ji1
meat grinder

绞死 絞死 jiao3 si3
to hang (i.e. execute by hanging); to strangle

绞索 絞索 jiao3 suo3
a noose for hanging criminals

绞痛 絞痛 jiao3 tong4
sharp pain; cramp; griping pain; colic; angina, cf 心絞痛|心绞痛

绞刑 絞刑 jiao3 xing2
to execute by hanging

绞刑架 絞刑架 jiao3 xing2 jia4
gibbet; hanging post

绞缢 絞縊 jiao3 yi4
to be hanged; to hang oneself

双绞线 雙絞線 shuang1 jiao3 xian4
unshielded twisted pair; UTP

心绞痛 心絞痛 xin1 jiao3 tong4

心如刀绞 心如刀絞 xin1 ru2 dao1 jiao3
to feel a pain like a knife being twisted in one's heart (idiom)